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VR Porn In Space! VR Porn In Space! Added: 2021-02-24 22:24:09 Space travel is no longer a thing of just scientific speculation, books, and movie watching. As a species we’ve already started sending probes, satellites, and even human beings into outer space, to further our grasp of the galaxy. Humanity is already looking towards the stars to see if we should be working on building interstellar colonies, in case our world becomes less than tenable for human existence . It’s not all being done out of desperation either, but out of the burning curiosity we’ve always had in regards to what exists on other planets. Astronauts endure rigorous training to be able to survive in space, and are constantly having their training updated for more intense missions of travel, and information gathering. No matter ho... Read More
The Temptress-Magical Realism in VR The Temptress-Magical Realism in VR Added: 2020-12-22 15:05:44 Sex is a basic need. It is fundamental to who and what we are as a species. It drives us, motivates us and in many cases connects us. In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we become inundated with the idea that we must deny ourselves, that we should forgo satiating those desires that are so ingrained in us by nature herself.Though they rule much of our unconscious thoughts, we live in a world that tells us we must subdue those urges, even fear them. They become unknown to us and in turn we become divorced from our sexuality as a means of operating in society. The pressure of that builds, allowing society to leverage the unfulfilled and unexplored birth right of every living person on this planet. Our sexual satisfaction becomes comm... Read More
The Sexy Future Of VR The Sexy Future Of VR Added: 2020-08-07 06:47:23 In 2018, virtual reality (VR) hardware optimistically performed higher than expected. The research company SuperData Research reports that annual VR revenues in 2018 reached $3.6 billion. With the 30 % growth annually, fans on the VR porn circuit will find it easier and more possible to connect with their favorite XXX stars. As consumers crave higher-end experiences, VRCONK offers a variety of scenes, scenarios, and content. Long gone are the days of traditional porn watching. Having to watch where you are and who is around. Now, it can be done anywhere, anytime, for the comfort of your eyes only. Take Lola Myluv, she fits the bill of the perfect girl next door. In the VR film, I’m On A Highway To Her, Lola wants to ride in your car, and t... Read More
VRConk Girl of the Month: Kyler Quinn VRConk Girl of the Month: Kyler Quinn Added: 2020-07-25 05:24:52 Remember that cutie that lived next door to you. The one with the blue eyes, brown hair, and smile that made you want to do anything to please her. It didn’t hurt that her body was perky and curvy in all the right places, and anytime she giggled her bouncy 34B’s mesmerized you. Yes, the hottie I’ve just been describing is real, and she’s the VRConk Girl of the Month. Say a big drooling hello to, Kyler Quinn. In VR porn the scenes are even more up close and personal, because the viewer is actually entering the virtual world. You might take a wild ride into a VR parody, like Scary Movie XXX starring Kyler Quinn, and when you do you’ll want the porn star in your virtual world to really…ahem…kill the scene(It’s a Scary Movie parody, so a killi... Read More
Will Apple Do For VR Porn What It Did For Mobile Porn Already? Will Apple Do For VR Porn What It Did For Mobile Porn Already? Added: 2020-07-09 09:01:09 The answer to this burning question is…YES! Apple is already supporting VR porn experiences with incredible immersive scenarios. After taking porn to a new level, by offering it up on a silver platter to everyone on the go, Apple helped build further roads of access to the masses to quality porn. The days of having to be at home staring at your screen, or timidly trying to turn your laptop away from the aisle as you fly on an airplane, are behind us now. It’s the era of free-range porn watching, and VR porn is on that scene faster than you can say, “Fuck me.” Apple products are everywhere, and porn is everywhere, so it was a natural mating of the two to give the adult industry all the extra flourish it needed. With the advances made in the... Read More
You May Soon Be Able To Taste VR Porn With Your Tongue You May Soon Be Able To Taste VR Porn With Your Tongue Added: 2020-07-02 09:36:59 Sure, you’ve immersed yourself in our VR porn worlds. Your sense of sight, and your sense of hearing, carried you forward into a realm of virtual reality with a sense that you were actually there. In the 3D virtual-world you can turn around, get your physical bearings, and have your muscles respond to changes in the actual terrain. Are you jumping off of a ledge to flying squirrel through a ravine…no, but it sure felt like you were falling for a few seconds. It’s amazing what our brains can do with VR. In the porn world VR is taking off in a huge way. Everyone wants to feel like they’re actually in the porn, and not just watching it. What if the world of VR porn let you taste the sex you virtually having? You’re immersed in the virtual wo... Read More
STAY AT HOME AND ENJOY SPECIAL 30% DISCOUNT STAY AT HOME AND ENJOY SPECIAL 30% DISCOUNT Added: 2020-06-26 05:30:35 It’s a time when staying at home should be rewarded. The world is a bit chaotic right now, and people taking the time to stay in and find ways to entertain themselves has become important. Important enough, that we here at VR CONK want to give you a 30% discount on VR Porn for being responsible humans. We want you to have the best kind of VR porn experiences available, and we know that some savings isn’t a bad thing either. As a member of our site, you’ll be able to utilize our ever-growing selection of immersive VR porn. Joining the VR CONK’s community will grant you a variety of spectacular extras. There will be regular weekly updates, which in our world of technological advances will really keep you on the cutting edge of adult enterta... Read More
Who Are The Hottest Pornstars in VR Right Now? Who Are The Hottest Pornstars in VR Right Now? Added: 2020-06-20 07:20:34 Important questions when you want to see some of the hottest hardcore VR action out there: Who should I be watching? Which porn star is going to bring me the sexiest, sluttiest, down and dirty bang for my buck? You’ve come to the right place! Here’s a short list of 3 of the hottest adult VR stars just waiting for you to strap on your headset and fall into the virtual world of your sexy desires. One of the first banging babes that comes to mind, especially when we’re thinking about cumming, is Lola Myluv. This Czech born lady is a 100% all natural, and has been in the adult film business since 2007. Having run the gamut of roles, with a lot of sexual massage parts thrown into the mix, you can see an incredibly hot VR film titled I’m On A Hi... Read More
VR Headsets Are Sold Out Everywhere As VR Porn Trends Up Again VR Headsets Are Sold Out Everywhere As VR Porn Trends Up Again Added: 2020-06-16 12:23:48 The sounds of moans as a climax begins to build in the bodies of those engaged in passionate sex. Wet sucking lips sliding back and forth, with the licks of tongues resounding off of excited skin. The auditory enticement that makes our pulse pound harder, and our blood run faster. Couple the clear sounds of the sensual, with the mind-blowing visual details of upgraded graphics engines, and your brain will convince that you’re right there. That’s why making sure you’ve acquired the right VR headset is going to be important. VR porn has been trending higher and higher recently, with no foreseeable ceiling in sight. Everyone is looking for experiences that are more intensely immersive, and that means every aspect of said experience needs to ... Read More
Should VR Porn Include Taboo Topics Like Sex On A Respirator? Should VR Porn Include Taboo Topics Like Sex On A Respirator? Added: 2020-06-12 21:15:51 Isn’t there always someone out there trying to tell us what we should, or shouldn’t, talk about? When really, no topic should be taboo if we want to really evolve. Having to express our thoughts and desires through the filter of someone else’s comfort sounds pretty oppressive. If everything happening in a scene is consensual, then all they naysayers should just go back to their vanilla lives and mind their own business. Since those of the most judgmental nature seem to unfortunately be blessed with the loudest mouths, we’ll probably still have to hear from them. How we deal with these loud judgmental voices, is going to be important. Critics of the porn world will always be there, and it’s up to us, as fans and creators, to put our kinky fo... Read More
The Porn Pandemic Makes New Exclusive VR XXX Even More Rare The Porn Pandemic Makes New Exclusive VR XXX Even More Rare Added: 2020-06-10 10:59:52 So many industries involving people working closely together. Where we might think in terms of people working so close, they’re almost on top of each other. Porn takes away that “almost”, because adult film stars are actually on top of, under, and all over each other. Not to mention the crew, that has to be almost as close as the stars having sex, for the more intense camera angles. The pandemic has made XXX VR an even more rare bird, because the actors and crew have to make sure they’re being safe as well. It takes a lot of skill, patience, and practice to film the VR scenes for the utmost in realistic adult interactive experience. It’s worth searching out those rare gems being released right now in the XXX VR world. With titles like On ... Read More
2 Why is Quarantine Making VR Porn So Popular? 2 Why is Quarantine Making VR Porn So Popular? Added: 2020-06-04 15:05:10 Being a human being is all about connecting. We connect with those around us, even if it’s just by proximity. We connect with co-workers, through shared responsibility, and a need to commiserate when the boss gets on our backs. We connect with friends and lovers through touch, from the sweetest hug to the hot exchange of desire. Life during quarantine hasn’t dampened our need to build these connections with each other; it’s only intensified them. We need to see other people, and during the time of a pandemic, that becomes a greater feat than ever before. This has brought the capabilities of the VR porn world to the forefront of connecting people. When reality becomes a surreal state of quarantine, our ability to touch each other may com... Read More
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