How do you think relations and sex life would be in 2119

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Recently, we did an article on how porn would be in a 100 years time. More specifically, in the year 2119. In that article, we talked about how some of the aspects of life in 2119 would be. So, we decided to take a step further and explore how relationships and sex life would be in that time. 

So, let’s hop on the time machine and let’s get started. Picking up from where we left off, there’s full integration of wearables in that time period. Contact lenses act as smartphone, AR headsets, camera, laptops and many more things all combined in one (I forgot reading glasses!). There are robots doing most entry-level and menial jobs.

In such an age, human healthcare has improved greatly while, there are no longer countries divided by geographical boundaries. The entire world is ruled by a single federal government (I have great imagination). Sometime during the last 100 years, extra-terrestrial life was confirmed as a reality and not a conspiracy theory (why am I talking about aliens in this article? You’ll see). They have been integrated into our world and now work with the united Government for the betterment of the human species and universe as a whole.

As a result, some of them have integrated into our society much like the immigration we see today. People now have electronic chips that are directly fitted into their brains which allows them to connect with the internet and all other gadgets that they are carrying. Basically, the chips allows them to create an ecosystem. More like an IoT ecosystem that you carry on the go. 

There’s also free wifi across the globe which allows real-time access to internet anywhere and everywhere. People can easily look into each other’s profile’s at glance while they are talking to them and also communicate to each other telepathically. As a result, there are no lies. Whatever one think can be easily communicated as long as there’s a connection established between two people. Something like bluetooth connectivity of today.

In such and age, there’s no space or need for lies and deceit. There’s transparency in personal and professional relationships, which means that they are long-lasting and not so fragile as they are today. Sex has also taken a more meaningful turn, because people do not accept physical beauty as a good enough reason to be with someone. No one can accept that you’re only with them since they look good. For one thing, good looks don’t last long. As a result, relationships are happier and sturdier. 

Similarly, sex has become more intimate and lines between species are often mixed. There’s inter-species marriage and humans find that when there’s a genuine mental connection, sex can be taken to another level, which has seldom been experienced now. However, that doesn’t mean that its all serious. Porn still exists and it’s more live-action now, thanks to future AR and holographic images.

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