Interesting VR sex toys

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We already know the usual vibrators and artificial vaginas. Those with sensors that reflect the current movements of the porn movie are also known. But there are some interesting vr toys that can be a nice alternative to what's already bored or too traditional.
It's still a toy that we know perfectly, but in another edition, it doesn't have to be the classic vibrator or the artificial vagina (a box with a hole). It could be a nice butt out, for example, with both holes, of course. It can be firm boobs, and the cyberskin will make touching them not diametrically opposed to touching real ones. Or instead of the dildo itself, the penis with torso. There is plenty to choose from to spice up your toy arsenal a little and to have even better fun with asian teen vr chat sex.
It's not quite a toy that you can use like a traditional one. FookVR is a device that will make watching movies not just a passive activity. In other words, this device is intended to give the opportunity to interact with the viewed jav vr 4k mind control pov porn. And you can also use sex toys during the movie. Doesn't that sound amazing?
And the icing on the cake - sexdolls, so far, is just a toy for men, because there is still no equivalent created for women. Cybernetic skin, perfect shapes and special sizes. For now, dolls are just dolls, but people are still working to implant mechanisms so that they can move by themselves and do what the character from ps4 vr anime adult games you are watching. And of course, apparently, they are trying to instill artificial intelligence to create "sex robots."
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