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Virtual sex games and VR toys Virtual sex games and VR toys Added: 2020-01-02 09:30:09 There are many great vr toys on the market that you can combine with your vr equipment to better enjoy your sexual experience. Each toy vibrates, it can be synchronized with the currently watched film, it is made of skin-friendly materials, as well as many different options. Which one you choose depends mainly on your preferences and probably your budget. Porn producers are increasingly entering the world of games and meeting the expectations of users. The most popular are ps4 vr porn sex games and gear vr porn sex games. Maybe these are not games at the highest level yet with the best graphics matching triple A games. But they still meet the needs to some extent, mainly because in games we have the opportunity to interact. It is also a tr... Read More
VR Dates VR Dates Added: 2020-01-01 05:28:35 I will probably surprise you, but vr dates are actually possible. So far in the form of a vr chat game, although you are talking to real people. However, characters do not reflect the player's real appearance. Nor can you be sure who is actually on the other side. The player can take any form, can be a human, an animal, a sweet anime girl etc. It is not perfect yet, but we already have a foretaste of what may be ahead of us in the vr porn future. It is known that the best option would be if we could move to the virtual world as our person, of course, with the option of any upgrade of our appearance, outfit, etc. That it would be possible to choose a land where we meet with another person. That it actually reflects the real environment as m... Read More
VR games like from the Black Mirror series VR games like from the Black Mirror series Added: 2019-12-31 05:29:19 If you're a fan of the black mirror series, you'll definitely know what I'm talking about. However, if you hear about this series for the first time, I'll tell you something. Each episode is a separate story, and the main idea of the series' authors is to show the effects, often negative, of technological development. Therefore, when watching the series, sometimes you are able to state that a given technology already exists and even that people use it in everyday life. But quite often the authors let their creativity run wild and depict a very distant future. The first episode of the fifth season revolves around the game - Striking Vipers. And it is interesting. First of all, because the characters by putting a piece of metal to their temp... Read More
The Russians created the first VR glasses for cows. Will they go a step further and create attractive 3D cow models for bulls to increase reproduction? The Russians created the first VR glasses for cows. Will they go a step further and create attractive 3D cow models for bulls to increase reproduction? Added: 2019-12-30 05:34:16 Recently, the world has rumored that the Russians have created specially vr glasses for cows. The idea of the Russians was born because they wanted to help cows relax more, so that they could produce more milk. VR goggles are designed to make everyday life more pleasant and emit pleasant images so that the cows are simply happier. So will the Russians go a little further in the future and this time, to the delight of the bulls, will create, for example, more attractive and affordable 3D models of cows, which will make the bulls more willing to fertile. Everything to increase reproduction. It seems that this would not be a problem for the Russians. They could even create suitable vr glasses, only for bulls that would emit images of them tha... Read More
Is making VR Porn movies more difficult for actors than making 2D porn movies? Is making VR Porn movies more difficult for actors than making 2D porn movies? Added: 2019-12-29 05:35:45 While shooting a 2D porn movie, both actors are active. They are playing with themselves and their bodies, there is sexual interaction between them. They can choke each other, caress, change positions smoothly, spanking each other, etc. Both sides are active in fucking process simultaneously - blowjob, jerking, pussy licking, fingering, even 69 position etc. Even in the POV version of 2D porn videos both actors interact. However, while shooting a vr porn video, one person is practically still - the one wearing the camera. Slight hand movements or banging in doggy style or missionary position, but apart of that no moves at all. Some can say that it is technically no work and zero difficulty. However, some actors often have to refrain to re... Read More
Why some people will never get used to watching virtual reality porn? Why some people will never get used to watching virtual reality porn? Added: 2019-12-28 05:30:45 Each coin has two sides. It is no different with vr porn. People are also divided into at least two, if not three sides, opinions about this invention. As you might guess, we'll find followers of this wonderful technology. And they certainly appreciate that they can participate even more fully in a porn movie with their favorite porn star. Asian teen vr porn becomes even more real and surely pleasing to the eyes. On the other side there are people who are not supporters. For various reasons. Because they tried, but they didn't know how to watch vr porn properly, so their first contact could be daunting. There are also those who tried and their bodies couldn’t handle it well. Or their health don’t allows them, because for example, the use o... Read More
Watching VR Porn on valve index Watching VR Porn on valve index Added: 2019-12-25 01:33:31 Some time ago, valve index entered the market with a bang. Earlier this year, sales of this equipment began. It's not the cheapest, but it depends on which option you choose. The most expensive is the option where you take the whole set - goggles, controllers and base station. You can buy it all separately, then the price drops accordingly. What is worth knowing about the equipment is that the goggles are equipped with two LCD screens with a resolution of 1440 x 1600 each and, among others, the field of view has been increased to 130 degrees. Controllers have been significantly improved compared to the competition, they are supposed to reflect realistic control in the virtual world. The base stations have increased the range to 7 meters, f... Read More
Does piracy hurt much VR Porn? Does piracy hurt much VR Porn? Added: 2019-12-24 05:32:08 If you are a vr porn fan, then you are definitely following the movie market. And you know perfectly well that new studios and new movies are still being created. As you know, you have to pay for everything in your life. Some, however, do not want to, at least not for everything. All the more so in times of the internet, where everything is at your fingertips. All you have to do is enter playstation asian vr porn in the search engine and you will see lots of searches you are interested in. But not so easy. These are still paid movies. If you want to support piracy, which we do not recommend, you should rather look for reddit vr porn torrent. But think carefully. Remember that each film is a crew, both screenwriter, actors, make-up artist a... Read More
Reddit and nsfw subreddits are places where you can find honest advices about best VR Porn or they are just haters’ lies? Reddit and nsfw subreddits are places where you can find honest advices about best VR Porn or they are just haters’ lies? Added: 2019-12-23 17:32:49 Computer freaks certainly know and quite often use reddit. This is a very popular portal where you can actually find information on any topic. Seriously, on every topic. And if you're interested in overwatch gear vr porn for woman, then be sure to look for it in nsfw subreddits. And if you don't find it, then you can easily start such a topic and wait for the response of people from all over the world. Have you ever wondered if the opinions you find there are really honest? How many reviews are written by users as their own opinion, and how many opinions are bought. Unfair competition is the scourge of our times. Unfortunately, such portals as reddit or any other forums have no verification. This means that people who sign up can write wha... Read More
Why google favor big sites like vr porn hub even they do not offer best content? Why google favor big sites like vr porn hub even they do not offer best content? Added: 2019-12-23 17:31:29 Google positioning is a very broad topic. And not necessarily what would seem to be the most important for the user, i.e. the best content, is the most important for positioning to Google. You can actually say that the most important thing is invisible to the eyes. At least the layman will have no idea about the importance of this for Google. For example, what counts is not the best but the unique content. The uniqueness of the materials on the page guarantees a higher probability that the page will display higher in Google results than other sites. For example, instead of posting on your site, global content, such as asian psvr porn, it's better to refine it a bit and use japanese teen vr porn reddit, which will narrow down the search fie... Read More
TOP 5 MEN FETISHES TOP 5 MEN FETISHES Added: 2019-12-21 09:10:25 Most men like women’s big boobs, big butts, others petite, hairy pussies, stockings. Sometimes a situation or scenery can be a stimulating - there are many possibilities. But what is a fetish? Fetish is an object / situation etc, thanks to which a person can mainly achieve sexual satisfaction. Everyone probably has a fetish. But here are the top 5 male fetishes: # 5 BODY PIERCING For some men, piercings are exciting. Pieces of metal in different parts of the body - ears, tongue, navel, nipples, pussy, and other parts of the body. Exciting can be anything, just looking at a woman having a piercing, as well as even touching, sucking or licking metal elements. # 4 DOMINATION AND SUBMISSION More often it is called BDSM (bondage, discipline... Read More
Who watches porn more often - men or women? Who watches porn more often - men or women? Added: 2019-12-20 09:09:49 Satisfying sexual needs is an important thing for everyone. Some need additional incentives, others don’t. Sometimes the sex urge comes by itself, and sometimes while watching a movie or while experiencing other entertainment. No matter how old are you, which gender you are, if you are single or married, you probably need to masturbate. Everyone does it. And if you don’t have partner or your can’t count on him/her at the moment, you can help yourself. Because we watch porn for pleasure, right? But what do you think, who watches porn movies more often? Men or women? You probably hear everywhere that men are visualizers. And women? Well women too. Therefore, watching porn videos excites not only men, but also ladies. So which sex watches por... Read More