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Why google favor big sites like vr porn hub even they do not offer best content? Why google favor big sites like vr porn hub even they do not offer best content? Added: 2019-12-23 17:31:29 Google positioning is a very broad topic. And not necessarily what would seem to be the most important for the user, i.e. the best content, is the most important for positioning to Google. You can actually say that the most important thing is invisible to the eyes. At least the layman will have no idea about the importance of this for Google. For example, what counts is not the best but the unique content. The uniqueness of the materials on the page guarantees a higher probability that the page will display higher in Google results than other sites. For example, instead of posting on your site, global content, such as asian psvr porn, it's better to refine it a bit and use japanese teen vr porn reddit, which will narrow down the search fie... Read More
TOP 5 MEN FETISHES TOP 5 MEN FETISHES Added: 2019-12-21 09:10:25 Most men like women’s big boobs, big butts, others petite, hairy pussies, stockings. Sometimes a situation or scenery can be a stimulating - there are many possibilities. But what is a fetish? Fetish is an object / situation etc, thanks to which a person can mainly achieve sexual satisfaction. Everyone probably has a fetish. But here are the top 5 male fetishes: # 5 BODY PIERCING For some men, piercings are exciting. Pieces of metal in different parts of the body - ears, tongue, navel, nipples, pussy, and other parts of the body. Exciting can be anything, just looking at a woman having a piercing, as well as even touching, sucking or licking metal elements. # 4 DOMINATION AND SUBMISSION More often it is called BDSM (bondage, discipline... Read More
Who watches porn more often - men or women? Who watches porn more often - men or women? Added: 2019-12-20 09:09:49 Satisfying sexual needs is an important thing for everyone. Some need additional incentives, others don’t. Sometimes the sex urge comes by itself, and sometimes while watching a movie or while experiencing other entertainment. No matter how old are you, which gender you are, if you are single or married, you probably need to masturbate. Everyone does it. And if you don’t have partner or your can’t count on him/her at the moment, you can help yourself. Because we watch porn for pleasure, right? But what do you think, who watches porn movies more often? Men or women? You probably hear everywhere that men are visualizers. And women? Well women too. Therefore, watching porn videos excites not only men, but also ladies. So which sex watches por... Read More
Don’t spend Christmas alone. Spend holidays with super chicks! Don’t spend Christmas alone. Spend holidays with super chicks! Added: 2019-12-18 09:01:07 If this year, as in the previous year, you plan to spend Christmas alone, or maybe you are afraid because this is your first lonely Christmas, then I have a solution for you. It is known that the Christmas atmosphere is associated with family, delicious food and a cozy atmosphere. But unfortunately, sometimes fate does not allow it. If you miss good food, and if you are able, you can cook something special yourself, if not, you can order something good. Or at all, you can eat whatever you want, if you are not a traditionalist, and Christmas menu is not what you love. And in terms of company I have something great for you! here you can play Santa Claus who has a sack ful... Read More
Will VR Porno from the Spielberg Player One movie ever be possible? Will VR Porno from the Spielberg Player One movie ever be possible? Added: 2019-12-17 09:12:37 Steven Spielberg is a great visionary in the world of films. Usually ahead of the current era. The world he presented in the movie Player One, the real one, does not look very encouraging. But the technology he showed viewers is amazing. Glasses, gloves, vest and the rest of the equipment, which takes you to a completely different world, in which you can participate with other people from around the world in various competitions and earn points. But not only that, this equipment allows you to feel all sensations, including bodily one. You don't have to be yourself, you can be a completely different person, and even not a human being just a strange being. You can move to the virtual world from anywhere, all you need is the right equipment. D... Read More
VR porn vs religion VR porn vs religion Added: 2019-12-16 21:00:14 It is widely known that religion does not like pornography. If you are a pious person, you probably know that masturbation is a sin and watching pornography also. It makes your soul unclean. Of course, you can confess this and cleanse yourself from sin. But not always you will get an absolution. Anyway, as a pious man, you shouldn't want to sin. People watching vr porn are sometimes considered possessed. Because it is Satan that makes man unable to refrain from sinning. It depends on the degree of fanaticism, but religion is definitely against watching vr porn. However, the church, seeing the growing popularity of virtual reality, proposed a virtual church. There in the virtual reality world, with other users you can participate in the mass... Read More
Can vr porn be used to treat sexual disorders? Can vr porn be used to treat sexual disorders? Added: 2019-12-15 01:50:00 People suffer from various sexual disorders. Some are bodily, others are hormonal, but the vast majority are psychologically motivated. Low self-esteem, relationship problems, illness. There can be many reasons for sexual disorders. Psychological and pharmacological methods are the most frequently chosen method of treating disorders. Interestingly, sexual disorders include also fetishes and bdsm. Is vr porn able to help the sick? It seems that in many cases it could have the desired effect. VR Porn movies have a lot to offer to users. First of all, a multitude of pornstars, young, milfs, redheads, blondes, with big boobs, hairy pussy, etc. And also for women, because more and more VR studios produce films for women, which is why they have ... Read More
Why does Facebook believe so much in VR? Why does Facebook believe so much in VR? Added: 2019-12-13 08:00:35 Users are increasingly convinced to virtual reality and are increasingly using it. VR technology is becoming more and more desirable. This is noticed by the creators of games, movies, but also owners of social network sites. Also Facebook. Facebook plans to introduce vr technology and has already announced what we can expect in the near future. Among other things, facebook horizon. Horizon is a land in the world of virtual reality, where we will be able to move and I mean move ourselves. We will be able to meet friends and meet new people. Something like The Sims game, you will only play yourself. The Facebook owner believes that the next stage of technology development is VR and AR. If he were to compare these two technologies to what we ... Read More
Should a real macho man watch porn? Should a real macho man watch porn? Added: 2019-12-11 21:32:21 When you hear a woman talking about a man, that he is a real macho. What do you think about that guy then? That he is such a typical alpha male, when you look at him, you can feel this strength, power, and probably every chick he thinks of will be his. He has something that people like him and women can't refuse him. Does this guy watch porn? After all, he has good luck with chicks, why should he watch porn? Well, sometimes it can be only an illusion, maybe there is no success for women. it is possible that he watches porn, because the women he has are not enough for him. Not necessarily to jerk off. But to experience something other than reality. It is known that porn movies, especially vr porn videos, give us a lot of possibilities. They... Read More
Does censorship in Japanese vr porn still make sense? Does censorship in Japanese vr porn still make sense? Added: 2019-12-11 00:29:47 Japanese porn censorship has a long tradition. Genitals, especially those caught during close-ups, are subject to censorship. And it is established by law. Of course, not every porn is subject to censorship. That which is produced for the Western market does not have to comply with the censorship order. Censorship is also not found on amateur Japanese movies, although this is not entirely legal. Well, does today's censorship in Japan make sense? With access to the internet where you can find everything, it seems like censorship is not exactly a good solution. If censorship is to protect against scandal, then maybe at a time when movies could only be watched in cinemas, it would be a solution. But today, when you just have to turn on the br... Read More
Will devices like Feel Real be able to recreate the real smell of a wet pussy? Will devices like Feel Real be able to recreate the real smell of a wet pussy? Added: 2019-12-09 01:44:17 Since virtual reality has entered the market, the goal is to improve it so that the experience is as real as possible. Movies are getting better quality and generally all visual effects are aimed at the most real entertainment, despite the fact that you do not move from home. However, this is still not enough to completely move to virtual reality. That is why manufacturers are working on various toys that are supposed to provide bodily sensations etc. To reflect in real life what you see with your eyes in virtual reality. What about the olfactory sensations? Producers come to us with new products. The feelreal company manufactures cartridges that can be attached to vr equipment and which contain 9 fragrance capsules. Currently they offer 25... Read More
Does vr porn will be more popular than regular porn? Does vr porn will be more popular than regular porn? Added: 2019-12-06 10:29:31 There is no doubt that since vr porn movies has entered our world, the experience of watching porn has improved significantly. It is known that at the beginning it was not great, because the quality, sound and production were pretty bad. But as time passes and improvements are made, watching vr porn videos at this point makes you visually feel like you are in a different reality and this is the most realistic experience you can try, at least for now. The popularity of porn industry does not fade. Both in terms of pornstars, because there are still new talented hotties on the stage, as well as in the sphere of producers, there are still new studios that have a lot to offer. The porn content is so different that it is still an open wide porn... Read More