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The best VR and AR headsets for watching porn

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Curious about VR porn? That’s great: virtual reality offers to the viewers an incredibly lifelike and immersive experience, that you won’t be able to get from anything else.

The first step to start enjoying your hardcore videos in a completely different way is buying a virtual reality headset, so keep reading for our top picks!

Oculus Go. This device works as a standalone, so you won’t need to put your Android or iOS device inside it to watch your favourite content. All you need to do is downloading its app on your phone, pairing it with both your Oculus headset and the controller, and you’re ready to go! It offers three degrees of freedom (DoF), which means that it will track your head in three directions while you wander around an incredibly hot orgy scene. Oculus Go definitely offers a great VR experience, even if it’s not that affordable (it costs 199$ on Amazon).

HTC Vive is a headset made in partnership between HTC and the video game makers at Valve. A favorite of gamers and anyone seeing peak performance in VR, the headset is more expensive because it does require an independent computer to run with it, but the viewing experience in terms of clarity and frame rates is the best available anywhere right now.

We are all eager to move on to fully holographic augmented reality without any headsets soom, but for now these headsets are the options most viewers are using.

Added on: 2019-04-24 03:25:00