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VR Needs To Find Inspiration From Italian Porn For Intimacy

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Sex in itself and by extension,
porn, has always fascinated me. Obviously, I’m not alone since we have so many
different content creators in VR porn today. But VR porn works very differently
than regular porn.

Regular porn is all about the
chemistry between the performers. Sometimes, you can see that the people
performing are not really in sync. Alternatively, there are some pairings whose
performances seem so natural, as if they are really very attracted to each
other (though the reality might differ). The sex is passionate, erotic and
pulls the viewer in. Those performers are always celebrated, but the credit
needs to be shared with the cinematographer and the director since it’s their

In VR porn, the dynamics are
completely different. The director and cameraperson (only in case of floating
rigs) still need to have the vision and take the lead. But the chemistry needs
to be between the female performer (male performer in case of female POV
titles) and the camera. The male in VR porn is basically used as a prop to
position the camera and obviously to have sex with. Another use of the male
performer is that they allow the viewer to visualise the performer’s body as if
their own and the sexual acts are being carried out with them.

Here the engagement needed is
much more technical and its actually very labour intensive process. The male
performer needs to extend his head so as to make space for the camera, while
all the work is done by the female. But not all female performers are good in
POV scenes. Some are natural, others need to work on it. Either way, there’s
much space for improvement and inspiration.

Since VR is all about intimacy
and engagement, they could do well to take a few tricks from Italian
productions like Salieri, Tinto Brass etc. The way the old-timers inspired
intimacy was by using plot (this reduces the burden on the performer) and
production values (lighting, camera angles etc.)

While it won’t be possible to
take direct inspiration since VR works differently than regular porn, but they
could learn how plots were built and how the use of lighting and unconventional
camera angles allowed viewers to live out their fantasies. Actually, some of it
has been done by CzechVR, KinkVR and VirtualRealPorn, like in facesitting
scenes, but those are sporadic and only because of the fetish-type. Upskirt
angles are extremely sexy and can be used in fetishes other than upskirt,
pissing and facesitting. Similarly, other angles could be explored to bring
alive different fetishes. It will allow the viewer to see more than just the
face of the performer and experience true visual immersion during the scene.

When building plots (and this is
where most work is needed), it is imperative that content is built around a
good story and good acting. Good acting is where the performance is believable.
For those who do not think acting in porn can be better, take a look at JOI
performers like Tara Tainton, Xev Bellringer and titles from Pure Taboo. When
titles start spending a similar amount of time and effort in creating a scene,
it’s likely to automatically bring more engagement due to the sheer depth in
content. Till then, keep watching VRConk for more hot, sensual and erotic VR

Added on: 2019-06-07 07:51:12