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VR Porn Can Help Strengthen Relationships Like Never Before

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We’ve known for long that studies have been conducted to understand how consuming porn affects our mindset and our relationships. Some of them found that porn made men more sexist due to the ‘bimbo’ type portrayal of women in most titles, while others found that it makes people reclusive. However, almost all studies believe that masturbation is good, whether it’s for men or women.

Then, what is so wrong with masturbating to porn? We know that anything which offers pleasure to us has a tendency to turn addictive, which means that it isn’t limited to only porn. Then, how does it affect our mindset so much? To understand that we need to look back the kind of content that used to be created in the 1970s, 80s, 90s and then the 21st century. 

You’ll find that most contents in the 70s had a story to tell. Some had more substance than others, but that’s consistent with any film industry in the world. Usually, around that decade and then even in the 80s, porn content carried a plot which was greater than the sum of sex scenes. It was when films like Deepthroat, Taboo and others like them started to be made. Directors had a vision and almost always brought the sensual side to sex on the screen. Sex in those decades meant erotica with a passion. Take a look at Tinto Brass’s productions and you’ll find them filled with sensual angles, plots and beautiful cinematography. 

In my view, that was the golden age. But soon after, towards the end of the 80s and throughout the 90s, porn content took a different turn. It’s when hardcore became hardcore. People started enjoying the sex scenes more and as if tired of scrolling through the build-up, they wanted just the sex scenes to take centre stage. In fact, there’s a continuation of that trend even today, where we don’t generally get more than 3-4 minutes of build-up in a 45-minute title. 

Some titles spread the sensuality so thin, that it wasn’t even believable. You’ll find plenty of those where the milf looks tellingly towards the pizza delivery guy (without no rhyme or reason) and he’s happy to satisfy. Throughout the 2000s, that trend continued but porn found different genres and niches which were previously unexplored. Most of the content featured around hardcore sex scenes and it seemed to get more rough as time progressed. 

The character’s women performers played were on a similar footing to men previously, but then they lost their substance and were seemingly only good for one thing. As a result, it isn’t much of a surprise that people developed perceptions which were slanted.

In the last 5 years, VR has become huge. There are more experimentation and exploration around it. But unknowingly, VR has forced content creators to turn back the tide and return to the ways of old. Since VR works majorly in POV format, the interaction in the scenes is not between the male performer and the female performer. Rather, its between the female performer and the viewer.

It makes it essential for videos to have more engagement and interaction. Since the storyboard cannot necessarily accommodate complex plots and locations (due to technical limitations), the burden to engage lies with the performers. There are some studios that are trying to bring the story back, but even without it, the attention has already turned to ‘something more than just sex’.

Now, sex isn’t the end-all of porn. In fact, it’s an eventuality which we all have (yes we need to fap and I remember!) have to arrive (see how I skirted around the word ‘come’). As a result, this might just be the push needed to slowly accommodate our mindsets toward intimacy and erotica rather than just the climax. Imagine what that’ll do for you and your partner!

Added on: 2019-06-13 18:00:44