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The next generation VR headsets will support AR porn

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VR headset
manufacturers are increasingly looking to create the next big thing. Increasing
per eye resolution and including room tracking can only take you so far. While
Oculus was the first to bring room tracking (or room scale as they call it) to
the mass market. But soon, all the manufacturers will start building it into
their headsets in bid to stay competitive.

In fact a look at
the smartphone market will tell you all there’s to know about competition.
There are two aspects in which companies will compete - price and features. The
premium headsets will all start featuring room tracking and high per eye
resolution. As a result, the ability to remain part of the industry will depend
on next levels of innovation.

When talking about
virtual reality, any discussion about the next level automatically spills over
to augmented reality. VR itself is built on 3D projection, visual quality and
audio quality. As a result, there are limits to VR. You can immerse yourself in
content that looks like real but it won’t feel real. Also, you’ll have to
separate your reality and virtual world, which can be troublesome since it
isn’t practical to spend hours in a virtual world.

As a result, AR
will be the next frontier for headset manufacturers to look at. In fact, Windows
mixed reality headsets are proof of this theory. Not only that, more and more
new generation headsets are looking to include reality integration with virtual
reality. A look at the new Valve Index will tell you that this trajectory has
already started taking effect.

The Index’s ability
to create ‘passthrough’ is a nod to the augmented reality feature. While AR
includes a whole different world of capabilities, it’s basic ability is to mesh
VR and reality. Index’s passthrough does exactly that. As headset manufacturers
keep pushing the envelope, VR will soon spill over to AR and what we know at VR
porn will, in a way, merge with AR porn. Only thing is, it will be better. AR
will offer the ability to interact within existing real-life environments.

The Valve Index
will set the bar high with its high per eye resolution, over-the-ear headphones
and passthrough capabilities. Soon enough, Valve’s long-time partner, HTC,
Oculus and other manufacturers will look to include such capabilities. As that
happens, consumers will no longer need to order AR headsets. The same headset
will run both AR and VR porn.

There’s still a
small minority who are no sold on the VR immersion. With AR porn, the minority
will possibly be won over. So, the next time a new headset comes to market,
hold your horses and don’t go buying it. Struggle a bit longer with your
current HMD and it will allow you to save some big bucks in the long run. Buy a
headset which will essentially serve both purposes, at the cost of one. 

Added on: 2019-07-02 05:51:23