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Porn and sexuality are diametrically opposed

Most of us living in the 21st century, construe sexuality with sexual appeal and the urge to form an intimate relationship with another person. By extension, since porn is all about sex, we tend to think that the two are closely inter-related.

However, that might not necessarily be the case. With all the arguments surrounding the implications of AR porn in more ways than just adult entertainment, we explore this relationship in this blog.

First, let’s understand sexuality. The oldest written text on sexuality dates back to 200 BC when an Indian philosopher, Vatsyayana, wrote a book called Kamasutra. While the book is dated between 400-200 BC, it was first translated to English and privately printed in 1883. There after, it gained prominence.

However, it’s actually a very misunderstood book. If you read the book, it’s actually not about sex positions (notice how the misunderstanding between sex and sexuality extends to the book as well, just like with porn). The book lays down the Indian philosophy of life, which mentions that a human life should look for fulfilment in 5 different aspects during their lifetime.

These are - Sexuality (Kaam), Money (Arth), Religion (Dharma, roughly translated) and Transcendence or Liberation (Moksha). How a person should conduct themselves throughout the various spheres is written in the book. One of the these aspects is Sexuality. In this chapter, the author talks about how to fall in love, how to propose, how to talk to your wife and finally, how to make love. 

You see, the ancient Indian texts, never thought sexuality to be only about sex. Rather, it’s a much larger phenomena, that extends across every desire that forms in a man’s (or a woman’s) mind. In contrast, porn is explicitly about sex, arousal and climax. 

It’s been built on voyeurism and slowly now, it’s growing into something more personal, thanks to VR and AR. In fact, the essence of sexuality is about union. It speaks about the need for more than what we are. In contrast, porn is more about satisfaction of one’s own libido. It tends to create a mindset surrounding one’s own fantasies and preferences, whereas sexuality talks about unison of two beings.

Physically, there is little difference between the two, but the essence of the two remain diametrically opposite. But with AR and VR porn on the rise, that trend has started to buck. One of biggest proofs, is the evolution of female POV porn and the demand for greater engagement from the performers. Now, the demand is not only for more positions or newer plots, but fans have been demanding increase levels of engagement and interaction from the performers. 

Even VR porn games faced the same issue, when the characters weren’t developed well enough to interact. Content remains one of the contention in VR and AR porn and it’s no surprise that the change in medium has led to a change in mindset. So, while porn and sexuality have conventionally been diametrically opposite, new innovations might soon change the mindset.

Added on: 2019-08-02 05:07:52