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Is VR porn the way back to the golden era

If you’re a kid of
the 70s or 80s, you’ll remember the kind of porn was produced at that point of
time. Porn wasn’t restricted to just a few sex positions and there would be
more meat in a video than what we get now-a-days.

It was referred to
as the golden era. The reason why porn from that era is always the gold
standard is purely down to the compact value it provided. Videos had a definite
storyline, good acting, hot sex scenes and some of the best performers. Despite
there being more talent now than ever before the overall quality has declined.

There are a few
reasons for this. As with anything, people’s taste in porn changed. Instead of
looking for more connection and chemistry, people opted for direct action
without any BS. That’s what they got.

The content in the
90s till recently was filled with hardcore sex that really didn’t care much for
plot or overall production quality. However, recently there have been few
amateur production houses that started working on creating content focussed on
erotica rather than slapstick sex.

That trend has
followed into VR porn as well. With VR though, studios are forced to
incorporate more plot and chemistry since otherwise the content becomes
monotonous. They are also forced to create content where the performers have to
interact and form a chemistry with the audience.

This has lead to a
very dynamic change in the mindset. People now look for content that actually
engages them. That’s why there are new niches which previously were popular
only in pockets. Niches like striptease, lesbian masturbation and solo were
popular but never top of the pile.

These niches have
something in common. They are more erotica-based rather than hardcore. As a
result, studios now have to think twice about who to cast, which kind of story
to follow and how to visualise the end product. Plus, there’s an added focus on
visual quality and overall technical specification, which was previously

As a result, fans
are now more part of the production process than ever before. Since, trends are
basically dictated by fans, the new-found interest in production process, will
only help studios better their product or else become extinct.

That is how its
always been and there’s little doubt it will happen again. For example, the
likes of Tinto Brass, Joseph Sarno and Russ Meyer had to forgo their style of
production as the audience outgrew them.

As VR porn
progresses further, the impetus will be on creating more inclusive content.
Moving into AR porn, content might be majorly focused on one-on-one experiences
like in private webcam shows. As a result, VR porn might very well be the
second coming of the golden era.

Added on: 2019-08-16 04:45:23