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Why not all pornstars are good in VR porn

Have you ever
noticed that pornstars that are traditionally wonderful in standard porn, are
not necessarily that good in VR porn? In fact, some of the best performers in
VR porn are lesser known names. Ever think what happened to all that
performance when they shifted to VR porn?

Well, I did. And I
came across a logical explanation. You see, it’s down to the medium that’s
being used and it’s inherent nature. Standard porn is voyeuristic by nature.
The performers are two or more in number and the camera angle is that of a
third-person. As a result, the cameraman, the director and the performers are
together responsible for the end product.

For example, if you
love retro Italian porn, then you must have heard of Tinto Brass. I personally
find the man a genius in creating erotica. His choice of actresses, stories,
use of light and camera, really set the mood. As a result, it was a culmination
of lot of factors that ultimately lent the scenes their appeal.

However, in VR porn
there are certain limitations. For example, the cameraman is often the male
performer. The camera rig is fixed on his head and the performer is asked to
lie down or sit in a static position. While the rest of the production aspects
like lighting, location and visual quality are still important, the most
important aspect is how the pornstar interacts with the camera.

Unlike in standard
porn, the performer is not seducing the male performer. In fact, she is
seducing the camera and the audience by extension. Since there are only a
limited number of sexual positions that the performer can take while the male
is in a static position, the impetus to add chemistry and sexual appeal in
scene falls to the pornstar.

This kind of
responsibility is traditionally not borne by the female performer. Since, the
male performer, the director and the cameraman all help in accentuating the
appeal. In VR porn, the female performer is the protagonist and needs to take
the lead. As a result, not all performers that are good in standard porn are
able to do their best in VR.

there are many amateur and standalone studios that create POV standard porn.
Performers like Tara Tainton and Xev Bellringer, are well-known stars
particularly for their JOI (jerk off instruction) videos. As a result, those
who are accustomed to POV do well in VR porn.

That might be one
of the reasons why newcomers or lesser known names, who do not have an
extensive experience in standard porn, do well in VR. By creating a connection
with the viewer, a performer is capable of offering better experience in VR,
than that in standard porn.

Added on: 2019-08-23 04:23:38