VR games like from the Black Mirror series

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If you're a fan of the black mirror series, you'll definitely know what I'm talking about. However, if you hear about this series for the first time, I'll tell you something. Each episode is a separate story, and the main idea of the series' authors is to show the effects, often negative, of technological development. Therefore, when watching the series, sometimes you are able to state that a given technology already exists and even that people use it in everyday life. But quite often the authors let their creativity run wild and depict a very distant future.
The first episode of the fifth season revolves around the game - Striking Vipers. And it is interesting. First of all, because the characters by putting a piece of metal to their temples, can transfer their consciousness to another world, created digitally. Thanks to this, the characters may not look like themselves in the real world, but still retaining their consciousness they can receive stimuli, as in the real world. What is equally interesting is sex. Mostly, the possibility of experiencing female orgasm by a man. Secondly, freedom during the game - instead of fighting, you can have sex.
And how does it look today? Well, we already have virtual reality. But to have fun, you need more equipment than a piece of metal - Valve Index, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Playstation VR etc. Moreover, it does not turn off our consciousness in real life and does not transfer it to another world. We just receive the image displayed on the goggles screen. And unfortunately still without the possibility of physical sensations.
So will ever virtual reality games resemble those created by the producers of black mirror? Many aspects are likely to be overlooked, such as the fact that if you buy a game that is a fighting game, you actually have to fight. And don't do other things. There will be other applications for sex. And when it comes to equipment - more and more often equipment manufacturers strive to reduce the size and make compact versions. It's difficult to say whether the equipment will turn off consciousness or transfer it somewhere else, but the goggles of the size we know today will be replaced by glasses with a VR function.
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