Why does Facebook believe so much in VR?

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Users are increasingly convinced to virtual reality and are increasingly using it. VR technology is becoming more and more desirable. This is noticed by the creators of games, movies, but also owners of social network sites. Also Facebook. Facebook plans to introduce vr technology and has already announced what we can expect in the near future. Among other things, facebook horizon. Horizon is a land in the world of virtual reality, where we will be able to move and I mean move ourselves. We will be able to meet friends and meet new people. Something like The Sims game, you will only play yourself.
The Facebook owner believes that the next stage of technology development is VR and AR. If he were to compare these two technologies to what we have now, then VR would be TV and AR is smartphone. He believes that in the future VR and AR will enter our daily lives permanently. The Facebook changes he announced are probably contributing to this. First of all, because the planned changes are, among others, more affordable equipment, which can be used everywhere, because it will have a very useful size and everything will be controlled with our hands. And facebook is to become something like a teleporter. That is, physically we will still be at home, but thanks to virtual reality we will be able to meet friends in any place on earth, contacts are to be real and the most natural. All this so that people do not lock themselves at home in the world of games and computers. But they were just interacting with other people, although normally in the real world, they are unable to meet them.
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