Will VR glasses one day be the size of normal sunglasses?

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Some time ago there was a trend so that all things were in a compact version. Whether it's telephones, glasses, watches, etc. The smaller and more handy the better. Then came the era of big smartphones, tablets, huge televisions, all to make the experience of entertainment more enjoyable. But how is it now? What is the current trend? People are still divided. Some are looking for large phones, others just the opposite, they like minimalism. There is probably no universal rule. Actually, it probably depends a lot on the gadget or electronics. For example, the TV should be large, unless you have no space. But what should vr gear be like? At the moment, considering these better models, they can be said to be a little problematic. First of all, because they are wired. So above all equipment producers will want to give up they will want to give up the hassle of using cables. But they may also want to focus on minimalism in the future. And therefore, reduce the size of the vr equipment and probably the amount of additional accessories. Everything to make use even more convenient. Just imagine that - traveling with vr gear, or even using it outside the home might be possible. It is also possible that controllers will not be needed, because, for example, you will be able to control the movement of the hand that will be captured by glasses. Who knows, the technology is amazing. It is difficult to say unequivocally what the future of vr equipment will look like, but what you can be sure is that manufacturers will try to update this vr equipment to the prevailing needs of consumers.
Added on: 2020-01-03 02:49:56
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