Cosplay VR Porn on Samsung Gear VR

Add as a website. Get the tissues, put the headset on and enjoy.

Video Specifications

Maximum expected video specs 6144x3072 60FPS 180º stereo.

Viewing Options

Downloaded videos could be played locally, streamed in browser with WebVR player.

  • Maximum video
  • Viewport
  • Field of View
  • Display Resolution
    1280x1440 per eye

VR Conk Review:

      • Content
      • Visual Quality
      • Variety

      Gear VR is a VR headset that is really popular amongst the viewers of virtual reality porn – and here at VR Conk we do not find that weird at all, and we are embracing that fact while providing the support for these VR goggles to our virtual reality porn movies! Grab your Samsung device and start enjoying VR sex better than ever before and as soon as possible!

      Gear VR can work so well with virtual reality porn – so start using it now!

      There is plenty to like in Gear VR! First of all, the device has so many sensors like a gyro sensor, an accelerometer, and a magnetic sensor with a sampling rate of 208 Hz! Moreover, it has those really cool controllers with a gyroscope sensor, proximity sensor, and over 100 degrees of field of view. And, last but not least, you should remember about the head tracking sample rate is an astonishing 1000 Hz, which is quick enough to keep good track of where you are looking at the moment. Even though these VR goggles are not so fresh anymore, they still have plenty of amazing technologies to boast of and we are sure that they would not let you down!

      Additionally, you can be sure that while watching VR sex with Gear VR, you can expect the device to run your favorite content in full 60 Hz – flawless 60 FPS will make it all look even smoother and more enjoyable, and will get you to the entirely new level as soon as you will decide to switch to 8K ultra-high-definition 3D virtual reality porn! In such a high resolution everything looks so realistic that thanks to VR goggles like Gear VR you will feel like almost being there for real with all these top-class VR pornstars!

      Galaxy Note9, S9, S9+, Note8, S8, S8+, S7, S7 edge, Note5, S6 edge+, S6, S6 edge, A8 Star, A8, A8+ – they will all work with Gear VR, so you have plenty of smartphones to choose from! This is indeed one of the most all-purpose choices for virtual reality porn – and we are more than sure if you are using one of those Samsung devices already, you will fall in love with their usages for VR sex content that you already adore so much!