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Allie Addison indeed has some features that might make you fall in love with her right after you will see her in the immersive 3D virtual reality for the first time – and in this biography, we are going to tell you a little bit about all of them. First of all, when you have first looked at Allie, we are sure that you have noticed her cute curly hair – and indeed they could be considered as a trademark of this petite cutie. Secondly, we are pretty sure that you have gotten yourself mesmerized by the way she looks – as, damn, she has so beautiful eyes… which look even more alluring when she is kneeling in front of you and sucking your cock. Even though she is 21 years old only, she has actually been in the VR porn business for 3 years now – so she has managed to gather a whole lot of precious experience, which is the reason why she now is so good with what she does. Her favorite type of VR porn scenes are pretty basic – as she prefers to star in regular BG VR porn movies and solo masturbation VR sex experiences. She likes performing with other girls – it is not like that – but she still prefers dicks… and there is nothing wrong with that! Her favorite sexual positions are doggy style and reverse cowgirl – and she loves how small she is and uses that "feature" to promote her cuteness during her VR sex scenes. She is blonde, petite, and always hungry for a cock like yours – give it to her and fuck her as hard as  you only desire in up to 8K ultra-high-definition virtual reality that has been now brought to you by your favorite premium VR porn movie makers, VR Conk!

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