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Angel Wicky's Biography

Angel Wicky is a luscious performer who comes from Eastern Europe. She has been known by a bunch of different names in the industry because she just couldn't decide on what she wanted to be called. At first, she was called Wellie, then Adriana, then there was also Audrey Argento, Veronica, Vikki, Welli Angel, Welli and Welly. Finally, she settled on the name Angel Wicky, but some people have misspelled it and called her Angel Vicki a few times. It’s all very confusing but whenever you see a hot blonde from the Czech Republic with gorgeous 38DD tits, then you know it is Angel Wicky and no one else! She also has a cute 26-inch waist and a 36-inch ass that bounces perfectly in every hardcore sex session she does. This is one girl who really loves to post a lot of behind the scenes footage on her Twitter account whether she is shoving pizza in her face or showing off her enormous tits. When it comes to VR porn videos it only made a perfect sense to Angel. She wanted a way to be closer to her fans and when she saw how realistic this mode of entertainment was, she knew it was the one for her. One thing you will notice is that Angel’s English really is quite good and she has a sexy little accent that makes her whole shtick even more appealing! She was born to be a performer. In college, she studied the performing arts, but you know how hard it is to work in a creative field! So that’s why she turned to porn to make her dreams of being in the spotlight come true. Her fans love her so much that they think she is basically the combination of a female superhero and a sex icon all rolled up into one.

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