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If there is a name that you have definitely heard of, it is Cindy Starfall. She is one of the rarest Asian gems that has some real talent. A fascinating thing about this beauty is that her talent's are not only to pleasure a hard big cock or a wet pussy, but she also has quite a lot of acting talent as you might see in some of the movies that she is starring in. Cindy Starfall was born in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam on November 28th in 1989, and she has been in the porn industry since 2012. Being a petite Asian babe who's height is only 154 cm or 5'1", with a body like that, she was born to become successful in either the modeling world or the world of porn. Luckily for her, as mentioned before, she has many talents, and that is why she made it big in both of these industries. When it comes to porn, there is one interesting thing that you need to know about Cindy, and that is that she have done her first ever VR Porn video with VR Bangers. Cindy is willing to do anything that the fans want to see, when we told her to write what scenes she would like to do with VR Bangers, she simply gave us a blank piece of paper and told us that the possibilities are limitless. So far, you will be able to see Cindy in quite a lot of genres as she already did some threesomes, foursomes, foot fetish videos, of course, hot solo masturbating sessions, and many other ones. Because her fans are the most important thing that keeps her in the business that she does, she really likes to socialize with them by often doing live webcam shows, going to all sorts of events, and of course keeping them updated on Twitter.

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