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The Stepmother and the Whore VR Porn Video
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Crystal Rush's Biography

Crystal Rush is a professional MILF VR porn star who has just joined the ever-growing family of top-class VR porn performers of VR Bangers. She calls herself a "Russian Spy" of the VR porn business, and even though we do not know what that means – we are sure that she indeed has some tricks hidden up her sleeve. She is in the VR sex industry for 7 years now and when we asked her about her experiences with virtual reality, she said that she is sufficiently acquainted with it to feel comfortable and make it give great effects to her fans. She became a VR porn star in the first place because, as she has told us, she "tried to be normal, but that was not for her, lol." Her favorite VR porn scenes are these experiences with a whole lot of roleplaying and especially when it comes to working with other girls. What is more, you should also know that even though in VR porn she is bisexual, in her real life she is more of a pure lesbian –which is why she adores working with other ladies so much. She loves to have sex in tons of different versions and we love that variety of hers – and she also thinks that she belongs to the world of porn and that it is the perfect place for her. She is a true dirty talker, so perhaps you will hear some of that after plugging into one of her VR porn scenes – she is still looking to have sex with two guys who would fuck each other's at the same time, so perhaps you can one day her help out with that unique sexual fantasy. She and her body are truly awesome – wear your VR goggles to join Crystal Rush here at now!

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