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Daniella DeRusky (also known as Daniella, Danielle, and/or Natasha) is a European VR porn star who just became a member of VR Conk's professional VR porn family. She is really, really petite (5′ 2′′ only), so you can expect her pussy to be one of the tightest in the industry – and we know that you just guys simply love these cute, small VR porn sluts who are turning out to be really hardcore sexual demons and whores! She has been in the business for only a couple of months, yet she is already getting a lot of attention from producers like us – our European team recommended her to us and when we produced a VR porn scene with her, we actually were glad that we have received this recommendation. She told us that shooting VR porn scenes is a little bit stressful to her because there are more people on the set – but although her concerns, we think that she did just great and we loved her work. She is not bisexual but, on the other hand, she finds it really hot to fuck two guys at once – and, which should be really interesting for you, guys, she says that squirting is her favorite part about having sex. And we know that you all love juicy squirters SO MUCH! She told us that she thinks that her barely any gag reflex is the trademark of her being in the VR porn industry and that her hip movements are mesmerizing – so you should definitely pay a little bit more attention to them while watching Daniella in a VR porn environment. Last but not least please pay attention to her ass, eyes, and breasts – she told us that she is really proud of these body parts, and while embracing them, you will in no time understand why could she say something like that.

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