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Elena Lux is one of those VR porn stars who might look really innocent at the first glance – but she indeed is hiding a true sexual demon inside of her true, real self. She comes from Transylvania in Romania – the country of vampires – and even though we promise that she will not suck your blood in one of our virtual reality porn scenes, she will be more than happy to suck your dick instead. When we asked her how would she describe her presence in the VR porn business, she told us that she is an "extreme classic girl" – which fits her perfectly well, as indeed she has this classic type of beauty, when at the same time she is enjoying all the sickest and most hardcore sexual activities… that is, you have to admit, pretty extreme indeed! Too bad that she is not bisexual and that she can perform with guys only – we would love to see her in some BGG VR porn movies in the future – but, on the other hand, when we have asked her about her preferences in terms of the types of the scenes, she told us that she loves them all! She is a hardcore chick and you could definitely put her in pretty much any virtual reality sex fantasy that you were thinking of – she said that for her sex is like a sport, and she will be more than happy to make you her "sparring partner" tonight! Join Elena Lux inside of her VR porn scenes here at VR Conk – she told us that she loves public sex, so maybe one day you will see her starring in one of our public VR sex movies, spreading her legs and sucking your cock in a library, at the gym, or in your favorite park!

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