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Gina Gerson is a hot girl who comes from the Hungary in the Eastern Europe. She simply loves to show off her body which has amazing proportions, as she is a petite girl who stands 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighs 110 pounds. She has some tiny titties at 32A, while being equipped with a big ass at 35 inches that looks so juicy that you will want to take a bite of it! She usually wears her hair as brown with blonde highlights, but you know how often and easily girls change their hairstyles so don’t be surprised if she does. She has been known by a few different names in the VR Porn biz like Gina Gershon, Doris Ivy, Gina, Valya C, Penelope, Lisa, Maya, Liza, Gina H., and Manuela. Yet she has decided to settle on the Gina Gerson nickname, as it was her favorite one, so that is what you should call her. Gina has a pretty big following count on Twitter that shows with over 80 thousand followers - this number is really awesome as for such young VR Porn actress. She also has her own website which has a calendar showing what she is up to and the best ways to get in direct contact with her. On her social media accounts you might find her behind the scenes photos and hot promos for her latest VR Porn movies. She loves to interact with her fans on the Instagram as well, where you can really get a good idea of what her personal life is like. Gina is a writer too, as she loves to publish on her blog and that is really the best way to follow her and know what her life is like. Watch her in her favorite VR porn videos from VR Bangers and joion her fanclub now!

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