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Jaye Summers is a petite girl who definitely fits the saying that good things come in small packages. She never really decided to join the porn industry, it kind of just happened. She had a friend who suggested it, and two days after trying to join she already had emails from agents who wanted to represent her. Jaye is a naturally kinky girl. She genuinely enjoys tickling and it gets her really wet. She also likes it if you call her dirty names because she is pretty naughty! When she saw the possibilities of virtual reality, she really nearly creamed herself, and then she actually did when we shot the movie. Giving a huge load on her slutty face is one of the best things that you could present to her – swallowing cum turns her on so much, that it is actually hard to shoot a creampie VR porn fantasy with her, as she always wants to take all the loads on her mouth instead. What is more, she does not mind performing with other sexy VR porn whores, so you can watch both some threesome VR porn films and lesbian VR porn movies with her – she is a multitalented performer that should get a whole lot of your appreciation if you are one of VR porn connoisseurs. Jaye's tits are 100% natural, and she has not gone under the knife yet to have anything done on her body. She sees herself as a giver of pleasure and loves to take care of people sexually and she is a honey who is going places with tens of thousands of followers already on Twitter. If you want to find out what everyone is saying about this girl then you need to watch her in a virtual reality porn movie. That is the best way to get a good idea of how this girl moves and functions in the bedroom in real life.

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