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Jennifer Mendez's Biography

Miss Mendez was born May of 1999 and stands at a height of 5’ 2” tall. She weighs in at 139 pounds, and this woman has curves. Born in the Czech Republic, Jennifer Mendez has black hair and brown eyes. The city of Prague is known for its incredible porn talent and some of the hottest pornstars around, and Jennifer Mendez definitely fits the bell. She loves high heel shoes and has a talent for wearing clothes that bring out her gorgeous round ass, huge tits, and cute girl-next-door appeal. For fans of busty women, Jennifer Mendez has everything. She is flirtatious, friendly, talented, and VR Conk is excited to have her talents on display here for her amazing fans. There are few things better than high-quality porn from the top pornstars, and Miss Mendez is an up-and-coming pornstar and will be going a long way in the adult entertainment industry. In terms of tattoos, Jennifer Mendez has one on her left arm, as well as one across her right chest, which is text. She can often be found in a bikini or sexy lingerie and looks mesmerizing in both. It is easy to imagine Mendez riding your cock or sucking your dick. Miss Mendez fits a lot of fantasies and represents Prague well. She has filmed with some top porn companies, and fans are excited to see her career blossom. You can see her as she took a significant step, notching another great movie, a top VR film, on her belt. See her in the most realistic VR porn, filmed at 60 fps for the smoothest VR porn experience. This is all shot by the top VR camera crews available. If you love curves, big breasts, and women that like being watched while they are fucked in every position, Mendez should be on your list.

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