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Katya Rodriguez's Biography

Katya Rodriguez is a young VR Porn star often confused with another sexy vixen, Veronica Rodriguez. Even though both girls are as beautiful and attractive, they’re not related to each other, and what’s more, they’re not even from the same country. Katya comes from hot Mexico, and Veronica is a Venezuelan performer who’s a few years older than her Mexican friend. Even though Katya is a little less popular than Veronica, she’s still in South America’s top, having one of the sexiest asses in the VR Porn industry. Given enough time, she will most likely catch up and become even more famous, because compared to her older colleagues, she’s still an adult movies’ newbie. On the other hand, her “freshness” help her out in many situations: for example, making her perfect for the schoolgirl fantasy scenes as well as for the amateur movies both with one and many performers – and that’s not something that could be expected from a beginner, right? Even though she’s usually a cute one in all productions, she can become aggressive and hardcore if needed, which becomes obvious after watching her bondage and anal movies. Virtual Reality Porn is the technology which only allowed her to “spread her wings” even more, since its high immersion combined with her attitude and an open mind are giving her fans unforgettable experiences in her every production – and that’s exactly why we've decided to invite her to become one of VR Bangers’ exclusive performers. Don’t let her innocent look and seeming amateurishness deceive you – her blowjob and ass-fucking skills are something that many of her VR Porn girlfriends could be envy of. She’s always been an adventurous person, even before becoming a porn star, and she’s tried and liked many different things in sex, which only made her more convinced that she should try her strengths in the adult films business.

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