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Lasirena69's Biography

If you are into Latina VR porn stars, you must have heard about Lasirena69 – as she literally is a queen of these curvy babes! She has a perfect, round butt that looks simply mesmerizing in 3D virtual reality – and her boobs are equally hypnotizing, especially when you get to watch them bouncing in front of your face wearing a VR headset.

She is bisexual, so she is known to have some fun with other professional VR porn stars – oh, and if you've ever seen one of her lesbian VR xxx videos, then you already know how erotic and sensual she can get. It doesn't mean, though, that she can't work with a huge cock – quite the contrary, actually, as she still prefers dicks over pussies!

You know, when you are so beautiful and sexy, it would've been a crime to limit yourself and restrain your sexual life and fantasies – and Lasirena69 is definitely a girl who is well aware of that and she goes "all in" when it comes to her erotic dreams.

Wear your VR goggles and look deeply into her beautiful eyes to fall in love with this Latina goddess – something tells us that she will be one of your favorite professional VR xxx models from VR Conk, as she definitely has that "something" that makes her stand out from the crowd of other mediocre actresses with curvy bodies.

Oh, and don't forget that she loves when it gets a little bit rough – so if you want to treat her bad a little bit, go for it, punish her, and give her the pleasure that such a perfect body deserves.

Producers from VR Conk are experts when it comes to picking some of the best XXX performers in the entire world – and Lasirena69 is definitely one of them!

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