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Liya Silver's Biography

Have you ever seen the James Bond movie called “From Russia With Love”? This name could mean a whole lot more to you, if you will decide to meet Liya Silver – our brand new Russian professional teen VR porn star. They say that European – and especially Russian, Czech and Ukrainian – girls have something special, and we have to admit that, indeed, beauty of Liya is quite extraordinary and we could not help to fall in love with her. The girl chosen in the XBIZ Europa Awards 2019 for the “Best Sex Scene” and – which is even more important – the “Best New Starlet” was an obvious pick for the ever-growing family of VR Bangers’ sexy teenage performers – and we are extremely happy to present her to you, our devoted and always-horny fans. The girl could be young, but she has a fully developed body already – by far exceeding your wildest dreams and expectations and looking better than a lot of sexy shapes of her older colleagues from the porn industry. Combine that with the fact that the vixen is a full-time model and knows exactly how to present her “assets” in front of the camera – and add her unbelievable sexual talents and immersion granted by immersive 6K ultra high definition virtual reality to this already explosive mixture… and you will get Liya; one of the sexiest teen VR porn stars that VR Bangers have ever worked with. You do not have to take our words for granted though and you can find that out by yourself here and now – wear your VR headset and watch some of the VR porn movies with Liya Silver in 3D 360 degrees virtual reality; and do it now! She is already waiting for you on together with everything that her perfect feminine shapes have to offer – you are “that” close of fucking her tight pussy hard inside of our 6K UHD VR!

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