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Houston we have got a problem – Mia Trejsi is too damn hot! Get ready, you are in for a huge Ukrainian beauty treat. Can you believe this sweet 'n' stunning babe is only 21 years old? She already has the curves of a beauty queen – but, on the other hand, that pretty, cute, and fresh face says it all! Thicc teen Mia Trejsi is everything that you simply can’t resist. Absolutely all-natural, from head to toe, she is the perfect shape and perfect size. She has got it all. Sexy and glamorous, Trejsi is your typical Ukrainian babe with a strong Scorpio personality. A Brunette that knows what she wants in life and gets it. Originally from Ukraine, she moved to the Czech Republic at a young age. She got the best of both worlds. And do not get us started in the sex files – trust us, it gets even better. With her strong and explosive personality, Mia needs to be dominated in bed. She loves the bad boys that can take her on a rough ride. She describes her favorite type of sex as roughly romantic. But honestly, she likes it all. Mia Trejsi is particularly pro in the blow job department. She loves worshiping a man’s cock for hours. And you better reward her with your warm milk, she will be expecting it. She jumped into porn only 6 months ago – but since she loves fucking, and makes money doing it, it is a win-win situation for her. Outside porn, Mia is a total extravert that loves playing guitar and singing. Grab your VR headset and go take a walk on the wild side with Mia Trejsi and her thicc attitude – with her favorite sexual position being doggy, we are sure that you two are going to have a whole lot of fun together!

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