High School Affection

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You can be a popular kid in high school for a variety of reasons. Some have outstanding academic achievements, others are simply attractive, others are football stars, and others have something that is desirable by kids, but not entirely legal. Everyone in school knows you, because only you in this area know how to get things done and take care of many different problems of your colleagues. Ok, let us not get into this shady business – you do what you do, it is your thing, and… it has some perks. For example, today – on behalf of our latest teen VR porn scene called High School Affection – your lovely friend Freya, a pigtailed brunette in a short schoolgirl uniform – played by a one-of-a-kind VR porn star with small tits, Freya Dee – quickly came to you for goods during the school break. She never bought from you before, she always sent her friends or they shared with her. Today, however, she came alone and you could finally look at her well. She has small tits and an athletic body, long legs, and European beauty, as well as a tattoo. The only thing she does not have is money to pay for what she came for. But Freya is determined not to leave empty-handed. But do not worry, she does not want to cheat you. Freya is fair, so she offers you sex with her for the goods – and this is exactly what is this blowjob VR porn video about. Quickly, calculate all the pros and cons and do something before changing your mind. Put on your VR goggles and watch the all-amazing virtual reality porn fantasy and make Freya pay with her perfect body while letting you enjoy it all to the utmost in the immersive world of 3D sex!

Duration: 41 min
Release date: May 4, 2019