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Sam Meets Siri VR Porn Video
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SamSuck Assistant VR Porn Video
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Did you know that we are writing biographies on VR Conk based on questionnaires we handle to our beautiful VR porn models? The survey is asking about their favorite things in sex, favorite sexual positions, reasons for becoming a VR porn star, their thoughts about VR porn, and so on. The very last question, though, says: "Is there anything else that you would like us to add to your biography?". The girl you are reading about right now wrote: "I love sex and you can refer to me as your blue hair waifu <3". And do you have any idea who could be that blue hair waifu? Jewelz Blu, of course! Jewelz Blu is a super-hot and all-alternative 27-years old VR porn star from California – a typical alternative girl-next-door type that is so into geek things that you could as well call her your sexy neighbor from the Outer space! She is in the VR porn industry for almost 3 years now and she told us that she loves VR porn because it allows her to be more interactive and immersive. Her favorite thing about sex is all the pleasure that it can give, and she told us that she became a VR porn star because she loves sex and creating visual art, which goes hand in hand. Jewelz' favorite types of VR porn videos are these with other women (she literally said that she loves working with them A LOT) – meaning that she prefers lesbian VR sex movies and threesome VR porn scenes – and she has added that she loves to use and wear different clothes for these virtual reality porn experiences that pay a lot of attention to details. We, producers from VR Conk, specialize in these, so we are sure that we will keep on working with Jewelz Blu in the future a whole lot – wear your VR goggles to become one of her biggest fans in no time!

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