Can VR sex be as good as sex with other person?

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When you put your vr gear on, turn on your favorite vr porn movie, where the sexiest pornstar undresses in front of you and seduces you, is this not the fulfillment of every horny guy? By moving to virtual reality, you can find yourself in even the wildest configuration. With one, with two or even four women at once. In a beautiful villa, in the woods, on a plane, and even play scenes from a movie or fairy tales. There are no limits, you can fulfill your every wild porn fantasy. The catch is that, these are just visual sensations. You have to take care of bodily sensations by yourself, either with your hand, or you can help yourself with sex toys.
In the case of contact with a real person, assuming that she or he is attractive. Apart from one attractive woman, you will rather face reality. Locations, weird fetishes, fancy positions etc. Rather, they won't happen you. But, in turn, while having sex with another person, you can dim the light and activate your imagination, but more importantly, you are guaranteed bodily sensations. You will feel the touch of your hand or toy differently than the touch of another person. You know your body, you know how to cum in a minute, the other person does not, which can also be even more exciting. Even if you are not into interpersonal relationships, then at least once it is worth trying bodily sensations other than your own hand.
Is vr sex better than sex with another person? Certainly in visual experience, while the body experience is still pretty lame. But it all depends on what you like. Because if you are not into interpersonal relationships or you are single, then vr sex is the best thing that could happen to you.
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