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add Using Google Cardboard for VR Conk

Cardboard headsets are designed to work with your smartphone as a low cost alternative to traditionally expensive VR headsets. It’s an appealing option to those who want to experience VR porn without spending a lot of money.

add Is a VR headset required to watch the videos on the site?

A headset isn’t required, but is definitely recommended. Any of our videos can be streamed without a VR device in HD/4K/6K quality and 360° degrees screen rotation. To give you even more, our own PLAY'A app can be used on your desktop PC as an option to those who want to enjoy it without a VR Headset. To download the app please visit here

add What type of equipment or set up is needed to watch on VR Conk?

It’s pretty simple! You’ll just need a membership to our site and a virtual reality headset (but not a must), you can still stream our videos using your smartphone or watch our videos using your PC with our PLAY'A app. Should you have your own VR headset, it’s most likely supported by our site. We are also proud to offer support to Oculus Rift/Go, Microsoft MR, PSVR, HTC Vive, Gear VR and pretty much every Smartphone.

add What is this site, VR Conk?

We hate bragging, but were the top virtual reality porn site in the world. Our brand is well known all around the world for creating the most interactive technological VR Porn experiences in the highest quality. VR Conk works with the top rated Pornstars to bring you exclusive VR porn videos that will have you be in the middle of all the action in each scene. You may think porn is great now, but you’ll never go back to traditional porn videos once you’ve tried a VR porn video from VR Conk.

add What is Virtual Reality and what are VR porn videos?

Virtual Reality is one of the newest and hottest ways to watch videos. You get to immerse yourself in an experience that is even better than 3D films you may have had the chance to watch in the past. VR videos is the most advanced and technological experience that will make you feel like you've been transported into a different reality. Don’t just watch anymore, be a part of the action!

add Are the VR videos shaky?

Our Virtual Reality videos are non-shaky, we do not move while we film in order to reduce any motion sickness for the viewer.

add Can I watch without Internet?

To download our videos for the first time, you will still need internet. Once you have downloaded our videos onto your computer or smartphone, you can watch them without using the internet.

add You haven’t listed my device here. How do I know if it is supported?

The videos on our site are in industry standard video files designed for VR. We guarantee that our videos will work on pretty much any device, you shouldn’t have a problem. If you do run into any issues, we’re happy to assist you as needed and you can reach out at

add How do I become your affiliate and start making money?

In order to start making money with us, please visit our affiliate page and sign up. You will need to fill out all the information in order to obtain our affiliate links and promotional content.

Please visit

add Password has not arrived?

Your password might have gone to your spam folder, if it’s not there then you should receive it soon! It might take some time due to overloaded servers.You can always send us an email to and we will assist you asap.

add I forgot my login details

You can retrieve your login details by clicking "Lost your password" on the VR Conk login page

Or you can send us an email to and we will assist you asap

add Why won't my videos download?

No panic, your first step would be to clear your browser’s cache, delete cookies. Then try again. If you’re still unable to download any videos, please contact our support team at

add Bundle Access & Fixes

Dear valued customer, If you have purchased a bundle deal membership from ("VR Conk + VRB Straight" or "VRB Conk + VRB Trans") and did not receive an email with your login details to or, then you are in the right place to get your answers!


  • After purchasing a bundle membership from you will need to create a new password at or to gain access to the website. Each site should contain a different password. simply go to - "Lost your password" within the VR Bangers login page  or VRB Trans login page after typing in your email and create a new password.
  • If you have created a new password and the bundle site is still not working for you, then it might be an issue with the email or account itself. At that point please refer to our support team page and they will assist you within 24 hours.