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Should a real macho man watch porn? Should a real macho man watch porn? Added: 2019-12-11 21:32:21 When you hear a woman talking about a man, that he is a real macho. What do you think about that guy then? That he is such a typical alpha male, when you look at him, you can feel this strength, power, and probably every chick he thinks of will be his. He has something that people like him and women can't refuse him. Does this guy watch porn? After all, he has good luck with chicks, why should he watch porn? Well, sometimes it can be only an illusion, maybe there is no success for women. it is possible that he watches porn, because the women he has are not enough for him. Not necessarily to jerk off. But to experience something other than reality. It is known that porn movies, especially vr porn videos, give us a lot of possibilities. They... Read More
Does censorship in Japanese vr porn still make sense? Does censorship in Japanese vr porn still make sense? Added: 2019-12-11 00:29:47 Japanese porn censorship has a long tradition. Genitals, especially those caught during close-ups, are subject to censorship. And it is established by law. Of course, not every porn is subject to censorship. That which is produced for the Western market does not have to comply with the censorship order. Censorship is also not found on amateur Japanese movies, although this is not entirely legal. Well, does today's censorship in Japan make sense? With access to the internet where you can find everything, it seems like censorship is not exactly a good solution. If censorship is to protect against scandal, then maybe at a time when movies could only be watched in cinemas, it would be a solution. But today, when you just have to turn on the br... Read More
Will devices like Feel Real be able to recreate the real smell of a wet pussy? Will devices like Feel Real be able to recreate the real smell of a wet pussy? Added: 2019-12-09 01:44:17 Since virtual reality has entered the market, the goal is to improve it so that the experience is as real as possible. Movies are getting better quality and generally all visual effects are aimed at the most real entertainment, despite the fact that you do not move from home. However, this is still not enough to completely move to virtual reality. That is why manufacturers are working on various toys that are supposed to provide bodily sensations etc. To reflect in real life what you see with your eyes in virtual reality. What about the olfactory sensations? Producers come to us with new products. The feelreal company manufactures cartridges that can be attached to vr equipment and which contain 9 fragrance capsules. Currently they offer 25... Read More
Does vr porn will be more popular than regular porn? Does vr porn will be more popular than regular porn? Added: 2019-12-06 10:29:31 There is no doubt that since vr porn movies has entered our world, the experience of watching porn has improved significantly. It is known that at the beginning it was not great, because the quality, sound and production were pretty bad. But as time passes and improvements are made, watching vr porn videos at this point makes you visually feel like you are in a different reality and this is the most realistic experience you can try, at least for now. The popularity of porn industry does not fade. Both in terms of pornstars, because there are still new talented hotties on the stage, as well as in the sphere of producers, there are still new studios that have a lot to offer. The porn content is so different that it is still an open wide porn... Read More
In what age group is vr porn the most popular? In what age group is vr porn the most popular? Added: 2019-12-05 20:21:35 Each of us sometimes wants to play with ourselves. It doesn't matter if you are a woman or a man or if in a relationship, married or single. Sometimes it's just fun to play solo. The question is, at what age do people usually reach for vr porn movies? It is generally known that pornography is available from the age of 18. But the truth is that even teens under 18 watch porn. Mainly out of curiosity, because the forbidden fruit tastes best. They start learn their bodies and discover new things and porn is one of those things. They also are driven by hormones and look for a way to unload the urge. And there is nothing to hide, young people are the most knowledgeable in the technological world. However, most of them do not have large funds, a... Read More
Sex toys to enhance the experience of VR Porn Sex toys to enhance the experience of VR Porn Added: 2019-12-04 09:12:46 If the visual experience is not enough for you while you are watching vr porn, then you should know that there are vr sex toys that will allow you to experience even more pleasure. You can pair them with your gear and you can fully enjoy your pleasure. The toy will reflect the pornstar's actions and their intensity. Some of them you can use with your partner, because they are connected and for example if she uses a vibrator, you feel it in your artificial vagina. Perfect if you can't be next to each other. If you are interested, the most recommended companies are Kiiroo and Lovense. These are the most popular and best made toys. Kiiroo is more expensive but guarantees the best sex experience. The toys can be synchronized with the equipment... Read More
Will one day VR Porn become trendy and people instead of hiding that they are watching it will boast about it? Will one day VR Porn become trendy and people instead of hiding that they are watching it will boast about it? Added: 2019-12-03 10:02:47 Over several decades, the mentality of people has changed a lot. While pornography was once a taboo topic for people, a very uncomfortable topic that you shouldn't talk about in company of another people or even a reason for exclusion from the family. So today fewer and fewer people have a problem before admitting to watching pornography, whether in the form of movies or photos or even kinky niches. What's more, new generations are sharing experiences from porn movies and recommending different porn videos to check. They compete in the knowledge of pornstars and finding more and more odd porn categories. Porn itself has ceased to be a taboo subject, and young people are happy to share their experiences in this area. The virtual reality por... Read More
Will prostitution suffer from sex in virtual reality? Will prostitution suffer from sex in virtual reality? Added: 2019-12-02 06:53:22 We reach for vr porn movies for the same reason we use prostitutes. To satisfy our desires. Both vr porn and a prostitute provide sexual impressions and a lot of pleasure. Usually, prostitutes have a whole range of services, sometimes they even meet the innermost fantasies or fetishes. But you can also find a lot of interesting scenarios in vr porn. The services of prostitutes, as well as vr porn, are used by people of all ages, different sexes, marriages and singles. The difference is certainly in the way you achieve pleasure. It is known that a prostitute will do it in a completely different way. For vr porn you have to do it by yourself. Another difference is definitely the price, each prostitute has a different price list and it also de... Read More
Is VR Porn popular among women? Is VR Porn popular among women? Added: 2019-11-28 13:07:01 It is commonly believed that watching VR porn is mainly the domain of men. It's hard not to share this opinion if vr porn movies are mainly produced by men for men, with typical male fantasies and fetishes. Mostly male pov, where the woman is the active person, who is sucking, teasing, talking, and riding man’s cock. The man remains passive, usually in one position. Why would women be interested in this? Therefore, you will probably be surprised by the fact that women also watch vr porn videos, and from year to year more and more. According to some studies, women watch porn more often than men. And also, mostly women watch porn on smartphones, while men on computers. Most women are looking for rough porn videos, they choose the categories l... Read More
The Future of Amateur VR Porn The Future of Amateur VR Porn Added: 2019-11-27 10:18:57 In today's world, most people strive for perfection. Perfect insta photos, perfect movies, flawless skin, ideal body etc. Even in the world of vr porn, studios work with the best and hottest girls in the industry. Each has a beautiful body, wonderfully styled hair and perfect makeup. Also the set and costumes are thought through to the smallest detail. However, there is a category that still has a lot of fans - amateur porn. For normal porn, all you have to do is take a camera and shoot. It doesn't matter if there is a lack of stability, it doesn't matter if there is bad lighting and sound system. You may not even see face and the video may be short. The more unprofessional and natural the better. Some people don't like all this profession... Read More
Will the vr industry survive thanks to porn? Will the vr industry survive thanks to porn? Added: 2019-11-26 03:11:25 For centuries, pornography has enjoyed great popularity. People who fulfill their sexual needs often reach for porn productions. Young, old, women, men - all of them. Probably every adult has ever watched at least one porn movie in his life. A few years ago, the porn industry entered a new level thanks to virtual reality. Since then, the experience of porn movies has improved significantly. It was also new, so many people wanted to try it. It was not yet at the level we have today - the quality was much worse, the possibilities too. Currently, vr technology in the porn industry has developed a lot, the best actresses are engaged, the quality and sound have been significantly improved, and the viewing equipment has also been improved. The po... Read More
Can VR sex be as good as sex with other person? Can VR sex be as good as sex with other person? Added: 2019-11-25 14:32:05 When you put your vr gear on, turn on your favorite vr porn movie, where the sexiest pornstar undresses in front of you and seduces you, is this not the fulfillment of every horny guy? By moving to virtual reality, you can find yourself in even the wildest configuration. With one, with two or even four women at once. In a beautiful villa, in the woods, on a plane, and even play scenes from a movie or fairy tales. There are no limits, you can fulfill your every wild porn fantasy. The catch is that, these are just visual sensations. You have to take care of bodily sensations by yourself, either with your hand, or you can help yourself with sex toys. In the case of contact with a real person, assuming that she or he is attractive. Apart from ... Read More