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Will prostitution suffer from sex in virtual reality? Will prostitution suffer from sex in virtual reality? Added: 2019-12-02 06:53:22 We reach for vr porn movies for the same reason we use prostitutes. To satisfy our desires. Both vr porn and a prostitute provide sexual impressions and a lot of pleasure. Usually, prostitutes have a whole range of services, sometimes they even meet the innermost fantasies or fetishes. But you can also find a lot of interesting scenarios in vr porn. The services of prostitutes, as well as vr porn, are used by people of all ages, different sexes, marriages and singles. The difference is certainly in the way you achieve pleasure. It is known that a prostitute will do it in a completely different way. For vr porn you have to do it by yourself. Another difference is definitely the price, each prostitute has a different price list and it also de... Read More
Is VR Porn popular among women? Is VR Porn popular among women? Added: 2019-11-28 13:07:01 It is commonly believed that watching VR porn is mainly the domain of men. It's hard not to share this opinion if vr porn movies are mainly produced by men for men, with typical male fantasies and fetishes. Mostly male pov, where the woman is the active person, who is sucking, teasing, talking, and riding man’s cock. The man remains passive, usually in one position. Why would women be interested in this? Therefore, you will probably be surprised by the fact that women also watch vr porn videos, and from year to year more and more. According to some studies, women watch porn more often than men. And also, mostly women watch porn on smartphones, while men on computers. Most women are looking for rough porn videos, they choose the categories l... Read More
The Future of Amateur VR Porn The Future of Amateur VR Porn Added: 2019-11-27 10:18:57 In today's world, most people strive for perfection. Perfect insta photos, perfect movies, flawless skin, ideal body etc. Even in the world of vr porn, studios work with the best and hottest girls in the industry. Each has a beautiful body, wonderfully styled hair and perfect makeup. Also the set and costumes are thought through to the smallest detail. However, there is a category that still has a lot of fans - amateur porn. For normal porn, all you have to do is take a camera and shoot. It doesn't matter if there is a lack of stability, it doesn't matter if there is bad lighting and sound system. You may not even see face and the video may be short. The more unprofessional and natural the better. Some people don't like all this profession... Read More
Will the vr industry survive thanks to porn? Will the vr industry survive thanks to porn? Added: 2019-11-26 03:11:25 For centuries, pornography has enjoyed great popularity. People who fulfill their sexual needs often reach for porn productions. Young, old, women, men - all of them. Probably every adult has ever watched at least one porn movie in his life. A few years ago, the porn industry entered a new level thanks to virtual reality. Since then, the experience of porn movies has improved significantly. It was also new, so many people wanted to try it. It was not yet at the level we have today - the quality was much worse, the possibilities too. Currently, vr technology in the porn industry has developed a lot, the best actresses are engaged, the quality and sound have been significantly improved, and the viewing equipment has also been improved. The po... Read More
Can VR sex be as good as sex with other person? Can VR sex be as good as sex with other person? Added: 2019-11-25 14:32:05 When you put your vr gear on, turn on your favorite vr porn movie, where the sexiest pornstar undresses in front of you and seduces you, is this not the fulfillment of every horny guy? By moving to virtual reality, you can find yourself in even the wildest configuration. With one, with two or even four women at once. In a beautiful villa, in the woods, on a plane, and even play scenes from a movie or fairy tales. There are no limits, you can fulfill your every wild porn fantasy. The catch is that, these are just visual sensations. You have to take care of bodily sensations by yourself, either with your hand, or you can help yourself with sex toys. In the case of contact with a real person, assuming that she or he is attractive. Apart from ... Read More
Is VR Porn supported by feminists? Is VR Porn supported by feminists? Added: 2019-11-25 09:52:47 Feminists generally think that porn is not bad. However, they have reservations that the woman in such films is objectified, humiliated, and the films show too little real female pleasure, focusing more on male fantasies. To meet these expectations, studies began to make films from the perspective of women, where through the eyes of a woman we see what a man does. According to feminists, well-made porn can also have an educational value and completely change the sexual culture. They mainly want equal partners to have sex together. pleasure of both is to be equally important, both should care for each other and for mutual pleasure. Another important thing is corporeality, sex is an act where whole bodies are to participate, not just boobs, ... Read More
TOP 5 most popular porn niches TOP 5 most popular porn niches Added: 2019-11-23 01:54:35 Have you ever wondered what are the trends in porn? What kind of niches are the most watched and the most searched? People have different fetishes, sometimes weird. Anyways, here are the top 5 most searched porn niches: #5 ANAL Ass fucking videos are still desirable. Probably every guy would like to try this experience at once in his life. But if it’s not possible, then he at least can watch raw holed movies with horny stunning babes. #4 LESBIAN About 50% of all searches is lesbian niche. What could be better than crazy catfights, rough fingering and toys games? Sassy chicks playing with their bodies and teasing you with pussies, that is always good idea for lonely night. #3 BLACK Black fat cocks penetrating petite teens, African big... Read More
Which is more important for the development of vr technology - games or porn? Which is more important for the development of vr technology - games or porn? Added: 2019-11-21 11:14:29 When someone talks about virtual reality, what comes to your mind first? The two leading categories in vr industry are undoubtedly porn and games. Both categories are a form of entertainment for people of different ages and sexes. Certainly, every man, at least once in his life, has tried the virtual world, for example games, movies, porn, etc. The vr game industry is doing very well. It can be safely said that horror games are extremely popular, but not only, because logic vr games and arcade games. Also in the gaming industry, both categories are mixed, because vr games for adults are also created. Which are a mix of porn, with the possibility of interaction. While most porn videos do not contain this interaction, the user has to give in... Read More
Will porn exist in a thousand years? Will porn exist in a thousand years? Added: 2019-11-20 02:41:38 Have you ever wondered what the world will look like in a thousand years? Unless another world war breaks out and we can all live peacefully, and therefore technology will still be able to develop, where do you think it will lead us to? We can already be sure that we will live in times where we will be able to order an artificial doll, which practically will not differ from a real human, it will also has an implanted artificial intelligence and will be able to learn in real time. People find it difficult to build relationships now, and people no longer feel the need to do so, since they can be self-sufficient. Just think, if instead of forming a relationship with a woman in the future, you order a perfect robot, because it will be much eas... Read More
What kind of people most often use vr porn? What kind of people most often use vr porn? Added: 2019-11-19 11:05:53 Pornography has been popular for a long time, in different social strata and in different cultural circles. The canons of pornography have changed throughout history. But it was still very popular and attracted more and more interested people. Producers of pornographic content have picked up technological advances and so porn has also found its way into virtual reality. Although virtual reality is still a young technology, its progress is amazing. Unfortunately, this also has its downsides. Both production and the use of its benefits are still quite expensive. Ie. you can use the cheapest vr equipment, but the experienced quality may not be what you would expect. Why am I talking about this? Because porn is probably watched by everyone, b... Read More
Augmented Reality Porn vs Sex Robots Augmented Reality Porn vs Sex Robots Added: 2019-11-14 11:29:48 With technology becoming ever-more sophisticated and advanced, the adult industry is looking for ways to best take advantage. Two ways it seeks to do this is with AR porn and sex robots. Comparing The Two Both of these technologies offer different things that the other can not. Both offer the visual/sound aspect and both offer sexual stimulation, however, that's probably where the similarities end. With sex robots, you can enjoy the physical feeling of having what seems to be another person pressed up against you. You can feel her pussy as you have sex with her and you can grab her tits and ass. AR porn, on the other hand, doesn't offer this because you're not interacting with a physical model, but rather a virtual o... Read More
Top 5 pornstar who are perfect for AR and VR porn Top 5 pornstar who are perfect for AR and VR porn Added: 2019-10-04 05:55:59 Porn might seem easy but it certainly isn’t. Interviews with various actors will tell you that the sex you see on video is actually very mechanical since there are directions constantly being fed to the performers and multiple breaks during the take. As a result, the performance is acted out to help satisfy the viewers fetishes. If that wasn’t hard enough, the performance in AR and VR media is even harder thanks to the limitations imposed by the camera rig and the need to engage the viewers at the same time. As a result, the skill set needed from performers in AR and VR is slightly different. They not only need to perform on cue but also need to be engage viewers enough to allow for immersion. There are not a lot of people who ... Read More