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Escape reality with some incredible VR porn Escape reality with some incredible VR porn Added: 2018-11-23 06:32:16 If you happen to have a rough day at work or if you are feeling stressed, then you should definitely give virtual reality porn a try as it will take all of those negative emotions away, and it will fulfill your body with nothing but positivity, and some horniness as well. VR porn has been more popular than ever, and the main reason is because today everyone has a phone that is powerful enough to run such videos, and the cheapest headset, which is Google Cardboard, costs only a few dollars. As you play a VR video and put on the headset, your field of view will change into a POV of the character within the video, and you will feel like you are somewhere else, leaving the real world behind. There is quite a big selection of VR vide... Read More
Enhance Your Solitary After-Dark Activities With VR Porn Enhance Your Solitary After-Dark Activities With VR Porn Added: 2018-11-19 08:10:57 Spicing up your sex life is as important as spicing up your solo performance, and this is where the magnificent world of Virtual Reality steps in. Everyone has heard about VR videos, but one thing you might not be aware of is the fact that the biggest porn industries have decided to produce their own incredible Virtual Reality videos for all of their loyal fans. The Virtual Reality porn will allow you to experience porn on a whole new level, as you get to watch your favorite pornstar please you in ways you never thought possible. The whole act is based on a POV, and most videos will allow you to have a 180-degree or 360-degree view, which is just something that will make the whole scenario so much better. It is quite amazing ... Read More
Why AR porn is the future of adult entertainment? Why AR porn is the future of adult entertainment? Added: 2018-11-16 05:47:22 Every few years, there are some new technologies on the horizon, and the majority of them promises how they will revolutionize whatever category they are created for. While augmented reality has been around for quite a while, only today it has reached what it promised upon its initial release, and it definitely doesn’t disappoint, unlike many other technologies that are completely forgotten. While augmented reality porn is in a really good spot right now, it definitely didn’t reach its full potential, which is probably still a couple of years away. However, today, there are already some very intriguing options when it comes to AR porn, and we are only going to discuss some of them which are going to have the biggest impact on t... Read More
AR Pornography, For The Best Possible Experience AR Pornography, For The Best Possible Experience Added: 2018-11-09 03:56:42 One thing that everyone is able to appreciate is the fact that the porn industry seems to follow any new kind of technology that emerges. In the past, when the only type of entertainment the adults had were the newspaper, the pornographic content was printed on that as well; we have all heard about the famous PlayBoy magazine, right? Just when we think that the world of porn could not get any better than Virtual Reality sex, something new appears, the AR XXX. If you want to experience porn in the best way possible, perhaps this is the right time to explore the wonderful world of AR porn. Who knew that after taking such a huge leap forward with their Virtual Reality pornography, the porn industry would go above and beyond to del... Read More
The Porn Dude The Porn Dude Added: 2018-10-12 04:50:06 What can be greater than treating yourself to a wide range of erotic experience from solo masturbation, to busty hot babes fingering themselves as they play with dildos? Here at vrconk.com, we are all about watching those fuckin' sweet hot juices drip out of pussies! The site gives you a chance to enjoy HD VR quality videos featuring a wide range of categories such as BDSM, blowjobs, double penetrations, orgies, gangbangs and what have you.Well, we may have a fuckton of busty blondes and petite brunettes all horny as fuck and ready to give you the sexual experience of a lifetime. And because our primary concern is to see to it that all your erotic needs are taken care of, that’s why we would love to introduce you to our newly found buddy, t... Read More
The fascination about Virtual Reality porn The fascination about Virtual Reality porn Added: 2018-10-08 06:03:12 VR (Virtual Reality) is a computer-generated interactive experience that takes place within a given simulated environment that mainly assimilates visual and auditory, together with other types of sensory feedback, like kinesthetic. As a result of the inevitable conclusion of humanity’s technological advances, the VR pornography came into existence. One thing’s for certain, this combination of immersive high-tech gadgetry and our primal biological urges seem to have grabbed global curiosity. However, is this apparent fascination actually just curiosity at a gimmicky craze? Or is humanity really trying to plug themselves out of reality, and into a much less complex world?  The immerse environment can be fantastical or quit... Read More
Should You Give VR Porn A Try? Should You Give VR Porn A Try? Added: 2018-10-01 07:00:16 While regular porn videos are still being massively produced, the VR porn industry is on par when it comes to quantity, and it is much higher when it comes to quality. With that said, the answer is quite simple, you should certainly give it a try. However, if you are still being a bit skeptical about the whole VR porn situation, here are just a few examples why you should give VR porn a chance, or perhaps a second chance if you tried it out in the past. For starters, you no longer have to rely on bad VR gear if you are living on a tight budget, as proper VR gear is more affordable right now. You should also know that there is a significant difference if you are watching VR over your phone, or if you are watching it on your comp... Read More
Possibilities Of VR Porn Possibilities Of VR Porn Added: 2018-09-24 05:47:05 One of the biggest mistakes when it comes to VR porn is to think that there is no variety when it comes to the experiences that VR can offer. While that might have been the truth when VR first came out, today, there are all kinds of possibilities that you can experience without even having the most advanced VR gear out there. Of course, if you happen to own the most recent models of VR gear, you will be able to see things in the beautiful 4K resolution, and you might have a bit more control due to the Bluetooth technology having better sync with the gear, but even the cheapest gear has more options today than the most advanced one had just a few years ago. Naturally, everyone knows that you can submerge into a VR video and expe... Read More
Is VR porn the future? Is VR porn the future? Added: 2018-09-17 10:21:58 Every time technology takes a leap, people always wonder if that is something which will stick around, and is it something that is worth their time. Today, people are often quite busy, and when they do have some free time, they want to experience only the best kind of entertainment available to them, and that also applies to the adult kind of entertainment. Since VR has been around for quite some time now, many would concur that it is certainly something which will stick around. One of the main signs that show how big of an impact VR porn is having on the adult entertainment industry is the fact that spots of most viewed porn videos on many sites are more frequently taken by a VR porn video. Since viewers are not the only ones n... Read More
Amazing Features of VR Porn Amazing Features of VR Porn Added: 2018-09-17 10:16:12 There are all kinds of adult entertainment today, however, most of them can be experienced by using some kind of a screen. While regular porn videos have been popular ever since the general internet connections got better, today, there is a different kind of pornographic content that takes things to a whole other level. One of the newest technologies that helps you experience porn like never before is virtual reality. While virtual reality, or also known as VR, has been around for quite a while, we finally have machines that are capable of providing us an incredible experience at a decent price. One of the main reasons why VR porn has intrigued many lovers of porn, is because of Google Cardboard. Google came up with an incredib... Read More
A Better Way To Experience VR Porn A Better Way To Experience VR Porn Added: 2018-09-17 09:19:52 The most beautiful part about VR porn is that there are just so many ways to experience it. Just depending on the gear you are using, you can enhance your experience more than you can imagine since the difference between a cardboard headset and a modern headset that supports 4K resolution is incomparable in every single aspect. But, even if you have the best VR gear, there is still a way that you can improve the way to watch VR porn videos. While not all partners would agree to this option, you could still ask your lover to help you experience VR on another level by making them mimic the movements from the video. If you ever had a fantasy to bang a sexy maid, an incredibly hot teacher by truly feeling the penetration, your part... Read More
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