The Russians created the first VR glasses for cows. Will they go a step further and create attractive 3D cow models for bulls to increase reproduction?

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Recently, the world has rumored that the Russians have created specially vr glasses for cows. The idea of the Russians was born because they wanted to help cows relax more, so that they could produce more milk. VR goggles are designed to make everyday life more pleasant and emit pleasant images so that the cows are simply happier.
So will the Russians go a little further in the future and this time, to the delight of the bulls, will create, for example, more attractive and affordable 3D models of cows, which will make the bulls more willing to fertile. Everything to increase reproduction. It seems that this would not be a problem for the Russians. They could even create suitable vr glasses, only for bulls that would emit images of them that would increase their fertility. In addition, enriching the environment with appropriate pheromones. There are plenty of ideas and implementation methods. It all depends on the current needs of the Russians.
At this time, they want to increase milk production by cows, not increase reproduction. But observing the genius and ingenuity of the Russians, it can be said that they will be able to meet all the needs of household animals, to improve their quality of life, and at the same time to benefit from it.
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