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Helpful tips for a better VR porn experience

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Virtual reality is probably one of the best
things that could have been combined with porn videos, however, there are a
couple of other things that you can combine with it in order to have the
ultimate virtual sex experience during your adult session. For starters,
something that a lot of people complain about when it comes to not only VR
porn, but any kind of VR videos is that the rewinding sometimes doesn’t really
work as it should, and that the gaze options tend to mess up the experience as
you have to search for it by looking around and well, you know how it goes.

The ideal solution to that problem is to
use some kind of a Bluetooth controller, which these days doesn’t really cost
that much, and it will save you a lot of trouble, especially if you are
watching VR porn on a site who’s player does not offer gaze controls which
forces you to take the phone out of the VR headset in order to mess around with
the settings.

Having a good pair of headphones that offers
surround sound will significantly improve your VR porn experience. By allowing
you to hear all of those small sounds in the environment where the video has
been recorded, your brain will get tricked that you are actually there even
more than with just the visual guide that the video offers. It might seem like
a very minor thing, but the impact is a lot bigger than you think.

Finally, using some kind of sex toys while
watching VR porn is definitely the best tip we can give you in order to improve
your VR porn watching experience. Using even the simplest masturbator during
those blowjob or missionary parts of the video is going to make you feel
absolutely fantastic.

Added on: 2018-11-26 08:16:35