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VR porn is just an appetizer for AR porn

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Porn has been the
driving force for many a technological innovations. This includes the VHS, DVD
and now VR. People were often caught in two minds when they had to choose
between VHS and Betamax and between Blu-ray and DVD. Whichever option the porn industry
chose to move ahead with, took the main stage while the competitors farmed away
into technology history books. It’s a similar story with VR porn.

VR was first
thought of as something akin to programmers and gamers. At that point of time
(which is about 3 years back), no one thought that it would be so popular in
only a couple of years. But as the adult entertainment industry took an active
interest in VR, it soon burst out of it bubble and took the mass-market stage.
In fact, one of the most prominent driving factors behind VR’s innovation and
mass market availability is VR porn. A VR headset used to cost around $1000 but
today a premium headset costs only $400. Not only that, newbies can experiment
with low-range headsets like GearVR and Daydream.

But despite all the
hype surrounding VR, it's not the final story. In fact, VR porn will only serve
as an appetiser to AR porn. Now why doesn’t VR and AR porn share the same
relationship as Betamax and VHS? Because they were contrasting technologies,
while AR and VR compliment each other. AR uses aspects of VR but at the same
time maintains the real-life environment.

So, then why do we
say that VR serves as an appetiser to VR? Because, AR is a bigger jump than VR.
The technology is different from VR and very different from anything else.
People are still not used to the idea of getting a virtual lap dance. The jump
from a physical interaction to augmented reality interaction will take some
change in perception.

Till that time, VR
can help shape the mindsets to allow people to enjoy porn in the virtual realm.
This change is only acceptable in small increments. Anytime when there have
been revolutionary ideas and philosophies, the world has denounced them as
abominations and their inventors as mad-men.

However, by
introducing incremental changes, it allows people to familiarise themselves
with new innovations so that the leap to the next level isn't too much. Think
of how we are looking for better resolutions, better headsets and better
content. There’s already a few sites which are looking to create the next porn
game - the AR porn game. Some games will allow you to see a realistic model
right in your room and even spank her ass. That touching is not limited to
spanking though. The effort to push the boundary with VR will lead people AR.
Since AR functions differently, the virtual element will be less prominent. In
fact, it’s going to be even better than VR. Imagine watching a model give you a
lap dance and you are able to touch her, all through the wonders of a AR
headset. Isn’t that interesting?

Added on: 2019-07-12 07:35:05