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We know that you guys love our teen VR porn stars – and, according to our observations, blondes are your favorites. Perhaps there is something special about these golden-haired teenage cuties – and when it comes to them, Delilah Day is definitely one of the cutest of such vixens. This 23-years old sunshine from Arkansas is in the VR porn business for a little over a year so far – but thanks to her incredible charm and undeniable beauty, she has managed to gather herself a whole lot of fans already. Lila (because that is how she likes to be called, too) told us that she thinks that shooting VR porn is super-fun, as it can be very different in terms of positions and interacting – and all of that is very exciting for her! She loves group VR porn scenes and those sensual ones – the virtual reality porn experiences that require a lot of acting and the ones that are your most sought-after sexual fantasies. Moreover, Delilah told us that she is VERY bisexual – she just admitted that she absolutely loves girls, and shooting with as many as them is always a lot of fun for her. Additionally, Mrs. Day explained to us that she became a professional VR porn star to explore her life with no fears/limits – she said that for her sex is all about learning, as while doing it you learn a lot about yourself, your body, and how to communicate touchy subjects. Wanna find out her favorite sexual positions? Those are missionary and spoon – she just loves the intimacy so much, you know? From now on she will be waiting for you, here, at – so wear your VR goggles and give Lila a go in up to 8K 3D Ultra HD here and now!

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