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Emma Jade's Biography

Emma Jade is a bisexual VR porn star from Arizona who will in no time become your all-time favorite "girl next door" – and you should know that she's literally asked us to use that term to describe her!

She's cute, always horny, and undeniably beautiful – and you will learn all of these things on your own as soon as you will start enjoying her virtual reality porn that she's produced with the makers from VR Conk.

She's been in the VR porn business for 6 months only but she already thinks that it's indeed really badass – she told us that every person who owns a VR headset should definitely give virtual reality sex a try at least once!

And would you guess what's her favorite part about having sex in general? Well, it's… climaxing. She said that she just loves to have continuous orgasms – and if you will join her during one of her VR porn fantasies, we're more than sure that you'll experience them on your own!

Moreover, she told us that doggy and reverse cowgirl are her two favorite sexual positions – what do you think about them? Or maybe they're your fav, too? Just tell Emma if you like them the most and she'll be more than happy to show you how they should be done!

Oh, and her "trademark" in the VR porn industry – at least according to her – are her sloppy blowjobs. Would you agree with that? You only have to don those VR goggles to watch her giving you head and decide whether they're really that good!

Not to mention that Emma Jade told us that her favorite sexual fantasy is double penetration, and she could definitely use a cock like yours to make it happen – so… why won't you join her in 3D VR here and now?

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