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Lola Fae's Biography

Even though there are so many different VR porn models to choose from, some of those girls are better than the others – and Lola Fae is definitely an example of outstanding talent in the VR sex industry. She has so many features that they are actually hard to list – but we will give it all a shot on behalf of this short description of this wonderful VR porn star. First of all, just look at Lola Fae for a minute and tell us what do you see? A perfect body of a skinny VR porn teenager? Small but ideally round titties and a tight little pussy that is literally asking you to fuck it? A body covered in tattoos that are literally asking you to fuck it hard and show Lola where she belongs – meaning right on the floor with the spit and cum on her pretty face? Yeah, that is exactly what Lola Fae is all about – and we did not even say a word about her character yet! When it comes to Lola's way of being, you should know that she is always open to… pretty much everything. For her, the sexual life is a journey that never ends and she wants to have the most of it during each and every day of her professional career – that is why she is playing in all different types of VR porn fantasies, and no matter how big challenge you are going to put in front of her, she will be more than happy to at least try dealing with it. She loves when it is getting hard and she will beg you to dominate her – you only have to wear your VR goggles to fuck Lola Fae's juicy pussy, tight ass, and filthy mouth in 3D VR of VR Conk!

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