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Skye Blue's Biography

Skye Blue is an all-American VR porn star and a beautiful, a little bit vintage model that will make you fall in love with her as soon as you will get to watch some of her way of acting. We used the word "acting" (not "performing") not without a reason, as this VR porn actress is indeed putting a lot of effort into the way she performs – giving you, her viewers, some of the best views in your entire life. When we have asked her about the phrases that best describe who she is in the VR porn business, she answered us with "big mommy milkers," haha! She is in the VR porn business for 6 years now and she told us that VR porn is better than regular porno because it is more immersive – with which we could not agree more. She loves when her VR porn scenes are else very sensual, else kinda funny/comedian – which on its own should tell you a lot about the character of this wonderful VR porn talent. She is bisexual and actually prefers women, but she feels comfortable when performing with other men, too – including doing that in threesome VR sex experiences. Her favorite sexual position is doggy and her "trademark" in the VR porn industry are her tit job skills – wear your VR goggles and we are sure that you will watch some of these in up to 8K ultra-high-definition virtual reality here at Moreover, she told us that she loves her eyes and that she is proud of being a model while doing VR porn – and we, too, are pretty happy with that, because thanks to it we could add another level of class to our VR sex scenes. Thank you, Skye Blue! :)

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