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Victoria Voxxx's Biography

Victoria Voxxx is a beautiful VR porn babe from Las Vegas, Nevada, who has a truly obedient nature – and she'll prove that to you on behalf of her hardcore VR porn fantasies! Bang her in the BDSM style to see if you're tough enough to stand up to her high expectations – and remember that she wants to get punished by you, and she'll be begging for that!


You don't believe us? Then guess what! When we asked her about some phrases that we could best describe her with, she literally told us that we should call her a hot Latina… and the queen of extreme sex! She likes when it gets rough and she'll never say "no" to any of your requests – you just have to wear your VR goggles and bang her hard as we speak!


Victoria is in the professional VR xxx business for almost 5 years now, so it is no wonder that she's managed to establish a position for herself already – on the other hand, though, we believe that she still has a whole lot of untapped potential that is soon to be discovered in 3D VR!


When we asked Victoria Voxxx about her feelings regarding professional virtual reality porn movies, she told us that she loves that she's being able to give her fans a more intimate show in VR – and indeed she's really, really good at doing that. And not to mention that her favorite thing about sex is the possibility to communicate what she wants – and, damn, she wants a lot of kinky things, son!


Bang that "Rock N Roll Chick" and so-called "Extreme Queen" here and now – and don't forget to visit her Twitter and Instagram to keep in touch with her all the time. This curly babe loves connecting with her fans, so she's waiting for you out there as we speak!

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