Can cartoon sex video in VR be interesting?

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It is not surprising that each, probably each, fairy tale has its pornographic equivalent. People get excited when they see their favorite cartoon characters having sex. On the internet you can still find simpsons new porn or even ben 10 porn videos.
But watching cartoon porn would be as interesting as in the VR version? Mostly in the 2D version we see how the characters have sex with each other. So we can freely combine not only those from one fairy tale, but we can mix worlds and pairs. While the sense of VR is the POV version, where we, by ourselves, take part in the whole fun. Certainly it will be a treat for those who would like to fuck their favorite cartoon character themselves, but in most cases, it seems to more exciting to see how the characters fuck with each other. Nevertheless, VR cartoon porn already exists, and aside from classic animated film like family guy gear vr porn or ricky and morty porn, there are also plenty of adult vr anime sex videos. So it’s something for lovers of hentai and anime. It would seem that anime vr porn may be better to watch in the vr pov version, because there are lots of hentai porn videos and also kanojo, which is the Asian equivalent of girlfriend experience. However, apart from anime classics such as virtual reality pokemon porn movies, you cannot miss the iconic Disney tales. After all, who would not want to fuck an Indian savage Pocahontas? Or a cute Cinderella during the ball? Or maybe a triangle with cold queen Elsa and her redhead sister Anna?
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