VR Conk's Girl of the Month: Vanna Bardot

calendar_today June 19, 2023
VR Conk's Girl of the Month: Vanna Bardot

Another month has passed like a flash and it's high time for the next article in our monthly VR Conk's Girl of the Month series! Last time you decided that Nicole Kitt was your favorite performer of May, and certainly, her latest release has managed to acquire a whole lot of views until today. In June, of all the professional pornstars that made their way to our site, Vanna Bardot was the one you liked the most, which is why we'll write a little more about her here today. This isn't her debut at VR Conk and you may have already admired her undeniable beauty in the past, but as she recently played a very unusual role in one of our VR cosplay porn scenes, we decided it was worth highlighting her and telling you a little more about her this time!

A Few Words About Vanna Bardot

Even at first glance, you can see that Vanna Bardot is a born talent of VR cosplay porn movies because she exudes beauty, sex appeal, and charm that is very hard to find even in traditional professional models or mainstream actresses. All the talents and skills of this young girl have made her one of the most popular pornstars in the world over the years, making hundreds of thousands of men around the world just dream of spending the night with her or at least going on a date with her.

VR Conk's Girl of the Month: Vanna Bardot 2

Thanks to sites like VR Conk, this has finally become possible, but the difference is that with us, each time she impersonates a certain character from a popular series, game, movie, or fairy tale, which further turns up the sexual atmosphere of the encounter and makes it possible for her to completely spread the wings of her talent. Oh, and when it comes to 'spreading', we promise you that her position in the world of professional VR porn videos didn't come from anywhere and indeed this babe pornstar is an expert when it comes to that!

Vanna Bardot at VR Conk

The VR porn video that got Vanna featured in this article is our latest VR parody porn scene based on an old cartoon called Jessica Rabbit (A Porn Parody). If you're reading this article, and by some miracle, you haven't watched this VR cosplay porn video, you can do so by clicking the button right below this blog post.

VR Conk's Girl of the Month: Vanna Bardot 3

And when it comes to Vanna Bardot's debut at VR Conk, it happened some time ago inside a virtual reality porn fantasy based on a very popular Netflix series. You could previously watch her as an extremely intelligent (and even sexier) lady with a whole lot of charm in The Queen's Gambit (A Porn Parody). In both of these releases, she did just great, and somehow you guys have managed to create a great bond with her, which is why today we decided to showcase her and tell you a little more about this babe pornmodel.

See you next month for the next blog post in this series. And remember, it's up to you to decide who we feature this time, so like you, we can't wait to see who it will be this time!