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What If Aliens And Higher Dimensions Beings Watched VR Porn

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Have you
ever thought if humans are the only one to inhabit this whole wide universe?
Statistically speaking, that’s a ludicrous idea. Scientist says that there are
billions of other galaxies across the universe. If you aren’t able to
comprehend a galaxy then let me give you some context.

We live
in a galaxy called the Milky Way. In a way, our solar system is one of the
millions of solar system in this galaxy. If you try to look at it from a city
perspective, then we live on the outskirts of the Milky Way. In a way, we are
the suburbs. Just like our solar system, there are millions of others in the
Milky Way. And just like the Milky Way, there are millions of other galaxies in
this universe.

it’s impossible for us to have sprouted on this one planet and there being no
other intelligent life in the universe. So, if there is or was intelligent
extra-terrestrial life, do/did they too watch porn? Some publications and a
section of the population believe that we are constantly being observed by aliens.
Then, in that case, do they observe VR porn on VRConk as well?

take a look at this possibility. Scientifically speaking, the existence of
aliens is hard to proof, until and unless one of them stands beside a President
and announces to the world their wish for Earth domination. Until that time, we
have to make do with cultural evidence, the first-person expose and amateur
videos which all seems to suggest that intelligent extra-terrestrial life does

life does exist then it’s obvious they reproduce as well. If they do reproduce,
then do they find it as satisfying, addictive and enjoyable as we do? Given
that they reproduce by physical means, then it’s likely to be enjoyable at
least, if not addictive. Some first-person contact reports suggest that they
observe the human reproduction process.

In that
case, they’d also be keeping an eye on how humans view sexuality. The use of
technology and VR (recently) could be interesting. Since we keep getting media
reports of humans getting kidnapped for experiments, wouldn’t be surprising if
they got their hands on an HTC Vive or a Rift. Imagine, how they observations
could go, if they are the ones having VR sex with Adriana Check on VRConk.

could very well be looking to understand how and what humans find appealing.
More so because it would open a doorway to how humans like sex since porn sites
create content exclusively based on what their customers like. It would be like
taking the highway instead of facing the office-hour traffic rush. You get to
your destination, without having to encumber all that’s in between.

the wide range of fetishes and kinks that humans have, including milf, teen,
incest, BDSM, office sex, gym sex, feet, armpit, anal, threesome, orgy,
lesbians and so much more, it would be a treasure trove of information for
those wide-eyed geeks.

Added on: 2019-07-16 07:09:07