VR equipment in every truck. Will this make drivers less likely to use the services of prostitutes?

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You've probably heard more than once that truck drivers use the services of prostitutes. It is not known how true this is. However, it can be assumed that such sayings do not come from nowhere. This mainly applies to men, because the truck drivers were mainly men, but also women began to enter this profession and drive trucks. However, most women who drive trucks do not use such services.
To minimize the use services of prostitutes, could the solution be for every driver to have vr equipment so that he could watch vr porn in the breaks from driving? For now, vr porn is not able to provide bodily sensations, which is why it does not yet match real sex. It would certainly be an interesting solution and certainly more secure for drivers. Maybe not necessarily cheaper. During a mandatory break, or whenever he feels that he must jerk off, the driver could go to the stop and start the vr sex fun. He would not have to look for the nearest stopping place for prostitutes. Only start having fun right away. Choose your favorite pornstar, fetish, categories and enter the virtual reality world to fuck her. VR Porno would definitely give drivers more choice than sex in the woods, in a brothel or in a car with a prostitute.
It is difficult to say unequivocally whether vr porn could reduce the use services of prostitutes by truck drivers. It mainly depends on the preferences of drivers. What do they expect and how do they want to have fun. Unfortunately, vr porn is not able to replace real sex with a real woman. That's why it's still an insurmountable barrier. But perhaps in the future, when vr porn becomes more popular and more imitates real sex with a real woman, it can undoubtedly reduce the frequency of prostitute drivers using trucks.
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