The temptress-magical realism in VR

calendar_today October 04, 2021
The temptress-magical realism in VR

Sex is a basic need. It is fundamental to who and what we are as a species. It drives us, motivates us, and in many cases connects us. In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we become inundated with the idea that we must deny ourselves, that we should forgo satiating those desires that are so ingrained in us by nature herself. Though they rule much of our resting thoughts, we live in a world that tells us we must subdue those urges, even fear them. They become unknown to us and in turn, we become divorced from our sexuality as a means of operating in society.

The pressure of that builds, allowing society to leverage the unfulfilled and unexplored birthright of every living person on this planet. Our sexual satisfaction becomes commodified, we are told it is rare and scarce as it’s used as a carrot on a stick to lead us into the oblivion of the mundane. This is partly why sex is so taboo, from the old folklore of demons that would take it from you in the night, to the femme fatale using her sex appeal to betray the hardboiled film noir heroes of the 40s, our society seems to have a history of dealing with our sexual frustrations by literally demonizing it, conveying that it will somehow be your undoing. The stories we tell ourselves about sex become our reality.

But what if I told you, you could make that work for you, rather than against you? What if you could change the story? Pick and choose? Would not that be magical? It certainly can be. To the layman, magic is about illusions and tricks, an amusement that can be used to distract from life’s minutiae. The Occult, however, is about seeing past illusions, recognizing the causes and correlations of what we know, and understanding the opportunities available to us that most are blind to. It is about embracing and understanding what empowers you individually and within that, there are commonalities and archetypes that can guide us. One such archetype is a representation of the Divine Feminine, known simply as The Temptress.

Archetypes are a way of conveying the unexamined truths that simmer in our psyche and all too often go unexamined. The Temptress tells us a story of lust, a truth within all of us, physically inescapable. She is a character in a story we all share, we hear her call as our heart races at the sight of those we are attracted to. She is the shadow of every beautiful woman that has enamored you with her charm. The thing about the Temptress, of any archetype, is that you do not just learn the story by hearing about it or reading it online. You experience them. They are representations of active persuades personified to give you an understanding through metaphor, but it allows you to better model your concrete understanding of demonstrable outcomes. They are tools for developing wisdom, but in so many ways they are a part of us and our history on this earth. They are active natural persuades, players in this game that we all play, nudging us toward new experiences.

There was once a time when the power inherent to explorations of sexual ecstasy was reserved for the people of high society. Behind closed doors, secret societies would gather to perform ceremonial sex magics. Among those rites was the summoning of the succubus, calling upon the ancient power of the Temptress to transcend their state of mind into total abandon. From that experience, they would carry with them a sense of virility. It was that little something extra that gave them their edge in everyday matters, an aura of command and confidence others did not have.

These modern days are remarkable, we live in a time of unprecedented sexual freedom. Explorations such as these are no longer under the strict purview of the privileged few. Thanks to the integration of sex and technology, a new kind of magic permeates our everyday existence, especially in the privacy of the bedroom. With every new technological advancement the sexual energy swells and releases in a symphony of seduction. If you choose to listen you can hear its siren song calling you to life’s greatest pleasures. The ritual of the Temptress is no longer behind closed doors, she hunts freely in the digital world.

Full VR porn can not only tune you into those pleasures, it lets you experience the ecstatic sexual energy of the world’s most drinking women firsthand. Each is her own expression of the Temptress, a succubus manifested just for you. Through them, she can awaken your sexual power if you are willing to accept her gift. I think perhaps you might be. You have come this far haven’t you? Why not go a little further?

With something as simple as a headset and an internet connection, you can fall into her embrace as she draws you in time and time again. The ritual begins and ends with the click of a button, no need for all that pesky tradition, secret meetings, or earning a rank. This is something more real, freer, and primal than that. Something you get to control at your convenience because no one can take it away from you. Your own sexual power, your virility. At her core, this is what the Temptress and her succubus are all about. The moment when you are not worried about anything but your own sexual pleasure. The art of building you toward that climax, showing you exactly what you want and how to get it in the language we all understand. She is a teacher and guides you through the erotic as you learn to embody absolute pleasure yourself.

But okay, you might be thinking “So you bust a nut, what’s the big deal? People bust a nut all the time, nothing magical about that.” Well, it is all a matter of conditioning. The climax is about so much more than releasing the tension, it is about allowing you to form positive reinforcements over time. It’s about how you feel about it after too. The Temptress is more than a cross-cultural archetype of feminine power, she lives deep in our psyche, breaking the societal chains to which we have grown accustomed to holding us back. We live in a world that uses sex to get its hooks in us.

Our most sexual urges are all too often turned against us. It’s used to tell us what to wear, who to talk to, and what to think. It all gets mixed up into this mess of subliminal and overt messages telling you what you desire, how to feel about it, or when you should feel about it. We become so regimented in our everyday life, at what point do you return to basics and take control of your animal nature? A succubus coaxes you into letting that go, to free you from that burden so that you may be the real you, the primal you. The you that makes split decisions on instinct and gets what it wants. Becoming intimately familiar with this side of yourself is why those stuffy high society types went through all those elaborate rituals in the first place.

They wanted freedom no one else in their society had. And it worked. Plus, I can guarantee you they had an excellent time. Humans are social animals. Moving through life, navigating society, our primal side guides our intuition through all of it. resting and in the background. It allows us to better maneuver in the world and we don’t really devote much thought to it. Our confidence and past experiences allow us to act on that intuition with greater effect. As you use technology to bring that primal side out of you, suddenly it becomes something you are more conscious of, aware of, and in touch with.

This is the nature of the Temptress, she is a combination of the Hunter and the Lover. Every woman who uses her sexuality to her advantage knows what she feels like when embracing that aspect of her feminine grace and every man knows that he wants a piece of it. It is base, it is nature, it is why we fuck. What is more powerful than knowing exactly what you want? Knowing how to get it. 3D 360 VR porn is a wholly immersive experience that completely takes you out of your environment and places you in a completely new context. Instead of lengthy rituals, you can experience the Temptress in a ready-made experience. To not only learn to enjoy her effect on your body, but to learn how the game is played. How fantasy becomes reality for those willing to make it happen.

Actualizing our fantasies is about more than getting your rocks off. It’s about sexuality’s true power, the ability to create, change and transform our environment to our liking. Not only is it immensely fun, but it also rewards us the more we do it. It results from us dancing to the symphony of the siren song. The Temptress plays it for us so that we may entrain ourselves to the rewards of enacting our fantasies together. Just as you would listen to your favorite song with headphones and experience all the feelings you’ve attached to it, VR porn does the same, but instead of just hearing it, you see it too. You see it as you would the room you are sitting in now. The virtual nature of it doesn’t make it any less real.

Sure, going to see your favorite band is different than listening to their album, but the difference is that when you are privately listening on your own, away from the pressures of the crowd, it is a profoundly personal experience. One that is not strange or unusual or wrong. It’s yours, and no one gets to take it from you. Experiences like these are an important part of how we spend our time. It is how we recharge, how we relieve ourselves from life’s pressures and worries. We are changed by them because any art, even VR porn, is about transforming our perceptions and perspectives, if only for a time. For a moment you are looking at the world through a whole new lens and when it comes to the emergence of virtual reality, we are experiencing in a way mankind has never been able to do.

And that in itself is an opportunity. Novelty is a remarkable tool for conditioning oneself toward new behaviors. You do not even have to try that hard or worry that it’s working, because orgasm acts as its own behavioral reward system. It’s more about the mindset you go into it with. After reading this, knowing that the Temptress is there, under the skin of every girl you experience through VR. It’s already in your head. You can tap into that archetype and remember that this kind of lust, this uninhibited sexual pleasure is shared by every girl, every man, every sexual person. It’s something we all have in us and you can let her tease it out of you so that you can know it. Learn to recognize it and own it for yourself. Because guess what, we ladies notice who has taken the time to find that for themselves. We think it is sexy when a man knows what he wants and that is exactly what the Temptress shows you.

Let me tell you, as a beautiful succubus myself, there is nothing hotter than seeing a man who has awakened his own inner sex demon. This is because I have my own experience of Temptress. She shows me how to recognize men who have what I want. That little something extra that makes me want to come out of my shell and play. It comes down to this for most women: if a man can own his primal sexuality, he’s ready to understand and accept mine in return. I listen to her because she helps me bring it out in the men I like and empowers me to say no thank you to the men I do not think are "tall enough to ride". We all want that special sexual relationship with someone, the kind where you can do anything and everything you’ve always wanted to experience. She sets me free from the same bullshit you deal with, just from the other end of it all.

So put on your headset, invite the Temptress in and come play. She will always take good care of you and perhaps in the process, she will show you a future that is downright, magical – and she will be waiting for you here, at VR Conk, forever!