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Westworld (A XXX Parody) VR Porn Video
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April Olsen's Biography

April Olsen is a VR porn babe who's an explosive mixture of being filthy and innocent – and since she's also known as the "AO Strapqueen", you could expect her to be one of the most hardcore chicks you've ever seen and banged. She's definitely a "top" when it comes to having sex, so she's not gonna let you dominate that easily – and she'll show you that even though she loves to fuck with guys like you, she'll be in charge all the time during your little sexual encounter.


She loves all different kinds of gonzo and hardcore VR xxx experiences – and when we asked her about her feelings about our VR porn movies, she told us that she loves the creative costumes that we use inside of our immersive parody VR sex fantasies. It's actually really cool to hear that – we do pay a lot of attention to our costumes and cosplays, and we kinda specialize in making those VR xxx parodies as interesting as possible!


Another thing about April is pretty damn interesting – she literally told us she's joined the VR sex industry to eat more pussy. This means that, yes, she is bisexual and is happy to work with both huge cocks and tight pussies – and you could see her in one of her threesome VR porn videos in the past.


Her favorite sexual fantasy? Boys kissing boys in VR, with her being in a middle. Her "trademark" of the VR porn industry! Strapon, of course! Her favorite thing about her own body? Her great, amazing tits. Anything else you'd like to know about her? Just ask her, then! From now on she'll be a member of the VR Conk's family forever – and you can keep on coming (and cumming) back to her as often as possible!

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